Month: August 2016

How are you finding the framework so far? This week, we’re talking about the inside of your VIC.

While things like outside signage and being an advocate for your own region are important, your visitors will spend most of their time inside the centre. So, we’re going to dedicate a couple of weeks to redesigning the inside of your VIC.

Let’s start with internal signage.


Smart & creative internal signage, stimulating the senses

Your internal signage will need to be creative to encourage a sense of discovery and exploration – not only in the region but the VIC space itself.

The space will need to make better use of creative communications in order to generate the interest that leads to smart conversation with staff and volunteers.

Key messages will need to stimulate a sense on intrigue, a desire to want to find out more, to explore right here and now.

It could look something like this:


Make sure you don’t miss out. Ask us what is happening today in the region.

Ask us about the artist in residence today – meet the people that make the region.

Signage needs to plant seeds and highlight the quirky and unknown facts about the region.

Only have a day in the region? Don’t miss out. Ask us how to make the most of it.

Treat yourself to the best we have to offer – speak with us.

Create memories that last well after the holiday has ended. Get insider knowledge here.

Indulge in experiences and have stories that will make friends and family envious.


Notice the emotion in each? It encapsulates the senses.

Next Friday, we’re going to continue this chat, bringing forward ideas for your brochures, telling your unique story, stimulating the senses, and the product mix. Be sure to stick around for this!

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How well do you know your place? Are you cheering for your hometown? If you’re not, it’s time to pick up those pom poms and get dancing.

Let’s talk about the importance of becoming an advocate for your own region.

Make discoveries in your own backyard

Put yourself in your guest’s shoes. Become a traveller yourself – in your own backyard. VIC’s have the opportunity to become destinations for visiting family and friends of the locals.

VIC’s can become the place, where locals can showcase the uniqueness of the region to family and friends both via experiences and product.

Ask yourself this. Why can’t the VIC be one of the first starting points when a resident is introducing a friend or relative to the region?

This reinforces the positioning of the VIC as the passionate and informed experts within their own region. Let’s take greater advantage of it.


Use local talent too. Celebrate local events.

VIC’s of the future will create hands-on experiences for the guest to interact with regional producers and suppliers. To feel the story, the history, the heritage and the vision.

Guests will want something that is unique and quality – a product or experience that generates emotions and memories, well after the holiday is over.

The VIC will become a catalyst and a beacon for bringing industry together so both locals, intrastate, interstate and international guests can benefit. VIC’s will become destinations of unique gifts for locals. This is a largely untapped market and one the VIC can utilise in the future while benefitting the producers, artisans of the region.

So, what do you think of this all so far? Again, this entire framework is designed to arm you with strategies you can apply to your own VIC to remain relevant and productive. You can use this across the tourism industry as a whole, like we’ve said before. The same principles apply.

Next up, we’re talking about the inside of your VIC. Stay tuned for the release next Friday!

At Kiikstart, we’re dedicated to helping people have more choice, influence and control about how they live, work and learn. If you’d like to hear more about what we do, contact us today on 0428 593 400 or

Photo credit: Steve Rosa, Manager of Southern Highlands Welcome Centre.