Key Facilitation Topics

Businesses have a tendency to focus on what they do rather than the unique style and manner of how they do business.

The topics provided below reflect key area of needs of modern business and have been driven by working with a variety of sectors since 2008 and identifying common and consistent skill gaps.

Each of these topics focus on up-skilling businesses so they can remain successful and relevant in changing markets with a key focus on future thinking within teams and idea implementation.

Through speaking and facilitation, Kiikstart challenges the notion of what real innovation and entrepreneurialism is and how businesses of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of it.


Key Facilitation Topics

  • Modern business and the constant state of start-up – every day needs to be treated as day one so how will staff across all levels adopt this mentality day to day.
  • Transforming business without complete reliance on technology – what is real creativity and innovation?
  • Why most ideas never become reality and what businesses can do to respond positively.
  • Exceptional experiences are the expectation – designing and creating end to end client interactions that can build repeat business and positive brand identity.
  • Stop wasting time and money on strategic plans that never get actioned through a proven 9 point process. Remember it’s all about the tactics, the measurement and the deadlines.
  • Auditing Your Organisational Cultures – how well does your business rate in today’s world and the ability to make change?
  • The art of storytelling and its role in building interesting, more sustainable brands in competitive markets.
  • Innovation it’s not just an app! Returning the human to human connection to all your interactions to build a better bottom line.
  • Assessing the level of waste when it comes to staff and how they deliver product and services to the market. Identify the small, smart changes your organisation can make to get real outcomes?
  • Undertake a business risk assessment and identify current and future risks to success while planning as a team to minimise these risks well in advance.
  • Uncovering the uniqueness of how your organisation does business and leveraging it to its full capacity. Moving beyond just the what and the why.
  • What makes a likeable business and why it is key to your future success?