For individuals

Kiikstart offers its learning in a relaxed one on one, face to face capacity across Adelaide and regional South Australia.

For people that cannot meet face to face as they are outside of Adelaide and South Australia, or need more accessibility and flexibility in terms of when they access Kiikstart, check out being part of the virtual scholar experiences.

Kiikstart works with its clients usually an hour at time, one day a week from a period of time that often varies from an 8 to a 12 week period.

It can be longer or it can be less – really it depends on identified skill gaps and key outcomes. What is the purpose, why are we working together and what are really wanting to achieve?

Each person is treated as an individual so timeframes and areas of focus will differ.

In terms of what we focus on when it comes to learning and development we are dedicated to delivering on key areas such as:

  • Allowing people the opportunity to tell their story in a far more personal, interesting and creative manner.
  • Identifying key strengths and exactly how to make the best of these in terms of employment and new directions.
  • Identifying key skill gaps and working on creating a smart plan of attack to respond to these.
  • Creating an identity, brand and image in a competitive market which is unique to the individual and shows genuine confidence and credibility.
  • Generating ideas and taking these to the market in a manner that increases chances of a positive response.
  • Creating new networks through entrepreneurial tactics and avoiding following the crowd.