For service providers

Improving employment and learning outcomes

Through our in house learning and development we work hard with service providers and businesses to achieve the following:

  • create services that are able to increase measurable outcomes on a consistent basis.
  • provide practical tactics to service providers and businesses so they can create a style of delivery that is relevant and people want to be part of
  • increase accountability and personal responsibility across all parties through measurable action, follow up and review.
  • minimise wastage in terms of time and energy in investing in ill- suited processes and strategies.


In house trouble shooting and consultancy for business

Kiikstart works closely in house with a variety of businesses to troubleshoot across specific, key operational areas.

The benefit of this service is to allow businesses to work as a team, with Kiikstart, to design specific tactics and service frameworks that will improve the overall client experience and ultimately outcomes.

Like all of our learning, this is a practical, hands on experience that requires action and is underpinned by measurable outcomes and the collection of real evidence to show improvement post Kiikstart.


Areas of expertise you can benefit from be it as a business or career changer

  • Entrepreneurial concepts and taking these to market in order to generate outcomes and opportunities.
  • Branding and Identity for services.
  • Creating an approach to networking and building leads and connections within prospective organisations that is tactical and more successful.
  • Developing marketing material and a style of pitching that builds credibility and cut through within new markets.
  • Creating service experiences people really want to be part of again and again.
  • Developing a business identity and service reality that gains leverage from positive word of mouth.
  • Idea generation and implementation into the market.
  • Generating business identities and physical environments that customers want to be part or and invest in.
  • Improving efficiency of services within the areas of key outcomes.
  • Trouble shooting to improve outcomes and increase measurability within the service delivery of community, government and not for profit organisations.
  • Service Co-ordination and Project Management.
  • Learning and Development including all program planning, facilitation, review and assessment.
  • Marketing and Advertising that moves beyond the norm and expected.
  • Communications, branding and Public Relations.
  • Business planning, development and execution of ideas in order to create points of difference in a competitive market.