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Innovation is not just an App

Creativity and Entrepreneurship takes many forms in today’s market. While technology is a key focus within the Innovation space it is only a part of the story and there are many other opportunities for us to be really entrepreneurial.

There is so much talk across all areas of business about innovation but really what is it and if we don’t relate it back to technology what evidence would we have ourselves in defining it within our own brands?

As part of experience Ali Uren founder and Director of Kiikstart will focus on the key factors which lead to stronger, more imaginative and impactful connections with today’s consumer using place and people.

Understand the key elements within place and people that truly shape innovative business interaction – person to person and be in a positon to return to your own business and team with perspectives that will challenge but also inspire.

Create real and measurable experiences that defy commonly held perceptions of your brand and industry.

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Tourism and Visitor Economy Workforce development

While the tourism and visitor economy will present many regional opportunities,  businesses need to be developed to a consistent standard to meet and exceed the changing expectations of guests.

Kiikstart has developed the staff learning and development review so businesses within this sector have access to upskilling and capacity building that is creative, proven, practical and simplified.

This experience is about as many businesses being able to fully participate in this emerging sector, take advantage of future opportunities and not be left behind due to a lack of skills and resources. Ultimately Operators and decision makers will gain the most essential skills and talents to build on existing teams and look towards the future.

The review will identify key strengths and opportunities as it relates to the ongoing upskilling of staff, while also identifying key skill gaps and future threats to the business.

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Tourism and Visitor Economy collaboration for business and local government

As the type of guest becomes more diverse and their wants and needs increase businesses and local government must have the relationships that create the experiential offerings that are relevant in today’s market.

This intimate learning and development experience will allow time out for businesses and local government to connect, converse, get inspired and truly generate innovative ideas that matter to their regions.

Being part of this experience will allow Operators and key decision makers within government the chance to create tactical partnerships that previously do not exist but will be beneficial to all parties.

Note Kiikstart can facilitate this learning in –house for organisations that want to have the opportunity to build own talents and skills within their own team before being part of a more public forum.

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Making the most of your space – designed for the tourism and visitor economy

To achieve maximum growth in the future, businesses need to be able to make sure impactful spaces are being created for guests to interact with.  It is not just about bricks and mortar and is relevant to any space in which the service takes place.

Without a plan to improve customer experiences through better use of space, regions will not fully benefit from the opportunities expected within a growing visitor economy. Some business will  benefit and continue to grow while others will be left behind as there becomes more choice for a diverse range of guests with greater expectations.

This review to be undertaken on site will allow business the opportunity to re-set, be creative and implement ideas that will make a difference while making the changes needed to be competitive in a growing visitor economy.

Make the space in which you deliver your experiences work even smarter.

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Exceptional experiences are Today’s Expectation

In a competitive market where there is greater choice, it is vital businesses are able to really identify their greatest strengths and unique offerings while identifying the skill gaps that can impact on future growth.

It is not just what you provide to the customer that matters, but more importantly the care and creativity used in terms of how your product and service is delivered. The personalised and uniqueness of your customer interactions, across all touch points, will determine your future.
Kiikstart has designed an experiential review for businesses that allows insight into how it currently meets and exceeds the needs of potential and existing customers, while providing opportunity to discover future potential to be more creative and successful in the market.

The audit is practical, simplified and action focused so measurable change in terms of the style and manner of how the end user experience is delivered, cost effectively, with maximum impact.

While social media and marketing play a key role in building brand and business, it is only part of the story – this review will allow you to make sure you are not promoting a service experience that is not 100% on point.

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