Public presentation and social activism

Working successfully within the social entrepreneurial space for the past 10 years has allowed Kiikstart to be invited to educate people within business, community and the public space.

Kiikstart prides itself on creating and facilitating speaking experiences that challenge the norm, entertain and inspire, are practical in style and manner and deliver a new perspective by turning accepted believes and practices on their head.

In fact Kiikstart is striving to do more than just provide public presentations and wants to inspire a sense of social activism within the people we work with – even if it is for a couple of hours.

Each experience is hand made in direct response to the needs and objectives of our customers and audience, but a taste of where we best play is provided below:

  • It’s about doing what is right – not what is easy- what are the 8 lessons I have learnt in business and life that tells me this is true?
  • Why community and business needs to challenge an acceptance of mediocrity in both how we live, work and treat others.
  • What positive change and outcomes can be created when we refuse to be a “crumb picker” in business and career.
  • What do you stand for? The lack of defined values and ethics in how we work and the costs it has on wellbeing and career.
  • Why you need to have the courage to challenge the norm if you want to live a life, build a career or develop a business that actually has value to yourself and the community.
  • Think about what could be possible if you turned risk on its head and saw it as opportunity? Practical tactics to maximise success and minimise it going in the ditch!
  • Know your worth, shout it from the roof tops and be prepared to back it when push comes to shove. The cost of not having conviction and courage in who you are and how you work.