Return on your investment

When you invest in Kiikstart you get much more than just face to face time a couple of times a month.

As part of the overall experience the investment includes the following:

  • Liaising with key stakeholders and customers via face to face meetings, emails and telephone calls.
  • Time planning and researching specific program content based on the individual skill gaps, needs and interests of each individual.
  • Planning and undertaking video calls if required.
  • Writing personal and detailed agendas and session plans each week that drive progress and measurable outcomes.
  • Writing detailed and useful progress notes that reflect identified skill gaps, solutions and identified market opportunities every week.
  • Facilitating focused, intensive and well planned learning and development experiences once a week, over the agreed project period.
  • All travel and telephone costs.
  • All administrative costs.
  • Following up all outstanding correspondence via phone and email as required.
  • Communicating with industry contacts to generate relevant opportunities and networks as appropriate.
  • Reviewing and assessing at the end of each project and creating a workable and detailed action plan.
  • Providing people with access to facilitators outside of session times with any questions and queries via email and or telephone.
  • Kiikstart following up each person in between each weekly session via phone and or email as required.
  • Conducting the final review between all parties and creating an action plan detailing steps and processes post Kiikstart.