Our difference

Kiikstart allows people to get excited about their business or future prospects by generating new ways of thinking and doing that is cost effective and cuts out the waste associated with normal “training”.

The business prides itself on not only undertaking learning in more useful areas, it also prides itself on developing a style and manner of service that does not waste time or money.

Key points of difference, in terms of values and ethics, include:

  • Limiting the people we work with each year, so no one is forgotten and not given the best possible experience.
  • Taking the time to meet or speak with every person who is thinking they may like the opportunity before agreeing to work together.
  • Not taking on every person in the event that we do not believe we are the right fit and cannot deliver on our reason for being.


We pride ourselves on the high level of energy, brain space and resources put into our people and need to feel it is the right fit to really make it work.

  • Kiikstart focuses on not what you do but how you do it – this makes all the difference in getting the durable, long term change or success you want.
  • We understand what works for your customer and employer so be on point, get sharp and make the right impression the first time.
  • Treating people and the people within the businesses we work with as individuals and creating a learning and development experience that is based on personal passions and individual circumstances.
  • Willing to dream and not allow people to be confined by past experiences, the limitations of others and their own internal speak.
  • Less wastage in terms of lost time and headspace – both for us and the people and businesses we work with.