What we do

Kiikstart provides its headspace and creativity to people who are wanting to find real purpose in their career, are wanting to change career direction and businesses that are needing to build and re-invent themselves and their brand.

Whether we are working for individuals or large government departments and private enterprise, all are wanting more entrepreneurial ways to be successful and improve outcomes in a really competitive and crowded market.

The people we work with are diverse which allows us to hand make each learning and development experience – no two are the same!

Here’s an insight into the type of people who have created successful opportunities post Kiikstart.

  • People in business who need to change direction and re-invent a new identity in order to build better business.
  • People who are already working but want a change in direction and purpose.
  • University Graduates including international students.


We receive strong outcomes by delivering an experience that is 100% relevant to the individual person, that is interesting, challenging and avoids reinventing the wheel.

Key services and experience include:

  • Detailed, one on one learning and development out in the SA community.
  • Small group learning and development for industry staff and key decision makers.
  • Strategic planning and implementation for service providers.
  • Consultancy around improving employment and educational outcomes for key service providers.
  • Trouble shooting for both individuals and service providers within key areas of expertise.


Note we have just launched our virtual scholar experience which will allow people far and wide, regardless of location and schedule to benefit from the Kiikstart experience.