About Ali Uren

Ali Uren established Kiikstart in early 2008 to support and develop businesses so they have the skill and capability to plan and execute ideas rather than just merely talking about ideas and strategic plans.

Kiikstart was created by Ali Uren to deliver a Freelance Entrepreneur service and has designed and facilitated projects within the innovation space for New Venture Institute at Flinders University, ECIC (Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre) at Adelaide University including its Thinclab Incubator program and Business SA (formerly the SA Chamber of Commerce).

Ali Uren has played a key role in mentoring and developing teams to success as part of ECIC’s – Adelaide University E-Challenge program and was personally invited to curate and facilitate the three day regional field trip as part of the Governor Leadership program – Leaders Institute of SA.

Each learning and development experience co-created with Kiikstart allows participants the opportunity to think, be inspired, be challenged and take action to create better outcomes.

Over the last 25 years, the last 11 years as Founder and Director of Kiikstart, Ali Uren has built a sound reputation and measurable outcomes working with individuals and businesses in key areas such as:

  • Evolving and re-creating models of service delivery with focus on experiential design and delivery.
  • Generating new business opportunities in times of change and adversity.
  • Challenging the definition of innovation in modern business to generate new ways of thinking and doing.
  • Planning to not just have ideas but successfully creating a business that executes ideas.
  • Building more productive and contemporary organisational cultures that meet the demands of future staff, clients and markets.
  • Developing organisations built on a modern approach to traditional leadership.
  • Generating a likeable and trusted brand that increases competiveness, staff retention and market awareness.


  • Working in Australia and overseas for Maverick retailers
  • Advertising, Communications and PR
  • Learning and Development
  • Entrepreneurialism, creativity and Innovation


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