Discover your customer service philosophy values

How well do you know your business? Have you ever conducted a SWOT analysis? So many of us are so busy working in our business, there’s no time to work on it.

Businesses require constant evaluation. We need to put ourselves in the mindset of ongoing start-up. Something that was working last year might not be as strong for us this year. The same will happen next year.

You need to be constant learners – in your business, your competitors, your industry and cross-industry to ride the next wave.


What is your customer philosophy?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What processes and tactics do you use when your guest makes a booking, to really understand their needs?
  • How do you make suggestions to guests so they can experience the best of the region and immerse themselves, before arriving – to help plan their activity once in the region?
  • What questions do you ask so you can provide an experience or make helpful suggestions?
  • Do you ask guests before they arrive, if they are interested in being kept up to date with relevant events or experiences – so they can plan ahead. 

If yeshow do you communicate with guests in advance, and do you ask them how they’d like to be kept up to date with relevant offerings in the region?

Explain how you welcome people, to ensure they feel at ease and gain a positive impression of you and your local region?

Describe your brand personality and the characteristics associated with it. What are the best traits and characteristics associated with your business and how do you express these within customer interaction?

Make customer service a focus. Don’t just aim for good service. You want them to actually remember the experience, for all the right reasons – so that they can’t resist choosing you again. 

What structures are in place to deliver an outstanding service experience, consistently? How do you delight your customers? What about your people? Do you have ongoing training and development in place? 

Connecting with them, post-visit, is just as important as attracting them initially. Think about what you can do to show your gratitude. It is the unexpected add-ons that will make your company stand out.

With your customers, do what works for you. Continuously discover new ways of adding value and serving them.

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