Part 7: Utilising IT to improve the customer experience

The world is changing. We now rely on technology more than ever. And for businesses, it’s shaping how the customer experience.

Technology, if embraced, can transform our tourism businesses. There’s IT, apps, and social media available to us now, which we can incorporate to build on the experience – rather than detract from it.


Embrace technology to improve visitor numbers

No matter what tourism outlet you’re running, there are advantages for all of us when it comes to technology. Think about email, for example. We could use it to communicate before, during or after the visit.

Draw this back to your own experience for a moment. Let’s say the last time you went on holiday. Did you visit a restaurant, stay in a hotel or do a day tour that used technology to first connect with you? Maybe you saw a special package online, which attracted you to visit them. There was anticipation and excitement.

A hotel could send out an email to their past guests sharing a special event that’s happening in their region. This could encourage re-repeat visitors and boost extra guest numbers. When communicating, it’s important to personal and to the point. Don’t let your audience feel like they’re just another number. You don’t have long to get their attention, when it comes to the online world. It must happen in a few seconds.

Let’s go into greater depth about the do’s and don’ts of technology.


5 tips to help you take advantage of IT

  1. Social media: Introduce social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Tourism companies will need a plan for how it can utilise the traveller’s use of social media while they’re on holiday. Also, when they immediately when they return to encourage exposure and word of mouth amongst family and friends.
  2. Internal hubs: Look at Internal IT hubs where staff and volunteers can consult with guests
  3. Celebrate everything local: Consider audio and visual where local legends are featured and can tell their story and show their work.
  4. Get interactive: Use interactive touring guides that the staff, volunteers and guest can utilise.
  5. Always add value: No matter what you’re doing online, it must be valuable to build on the customer experience.


Consistency is key

When it comes to anything online, being consistent is the most important part.

First, be clear on what the customer wants, so you can make it a memorable experience. How can you make it different from the rest? How can you surprise them or connect with them?

Make a list of the specific needs that your customers will have. Identify common traits and key attributes of your guests. How will you get feedback from your guests to improve their experience? (Hint: social media!)

Once you ‘know’ your customer, you’ll be able to work out the best channels to communicate with them. Whether they’ve visited your venue or not, your chosen channels will help you keep top of mind.

Social media, your website, emails and other forms of contact online are great ways to boost your visitor numbers – and learn what your past guests thought of the experience.


That’s a wrap!

This is the end of our framework to making your tourism outlet successful in the future. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. But don’t go far, as we’ve got a lot of other cool information coming up.

Next, we’ll share our insights and expertise to develop more leverage from visits.

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