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For anyone who is responsible for planning the future direction of the business and wants innovation and creativity to play a more significant role in operations.


Identify what is stopping you from turning your innovative ideas into real-world actions.


Know how to change a workplace culture that is impeding your ability to innovate.


Find new ways to adapt your business to manage perceived team skill gaps, business risks and threats.


Create a practical and inspiring plan to overcome key challenges and roadblocks in a world of increasing disruption.

Only 57% of businesses have an Innovation Plan – what percentage do you want to be in?

If I was to pay a visit to you and ask you to show me the innovation process for you and your team, what would you show me?

This project will unpack our nine-step process to turning an identified risk into a measurable plan of action for the real-world.

More importantly, it will increase your awareness of and ability to respond to common roadblocks that derail even the best-laid plans. By working together, you will develop a toolbox of responses and insights so you can create a plan with the best chance of success.


Course Structure

This program is designed to ideally follow on from the "Opportunity where you least expect it" Program.

As with all Kiikstart learning, you will be working on solving a real business problem in this course, and your business will benefit directly from it.

At the end of the course, you will have designed a creative yet practical and detailed Activation Plan that can be implemented back into your business.

Should you wish to jump straight into the Activation Plan, please reach out to Kiikstart to find out more about our personalised one-on-one sessions to get you up to speed and make sure there are no gaps in your learning.

Learn Your Way... Three Ways to Access Kiikstart

eLearning via Kiikstart Collective

In this increasingly virtual world, eLearning is here to stay. However, this is not your average eLearning experience. It will be engaging, collaborative and outcome driven.

We will be working to solve a real problem in your business or your career depending on your learning focus.

Each lesson is easy to follow and with lifetime access you can always come back when needing a refresher.

You will also have access to Kiikstart directly so it will feel like your own personal learning with the supportive of a real sounding board backing you up as and when needed.

What benefits and support is included:

The flexibility to learn from home, work or on-the-go with our responsive platform.
Clear, well-structured videos for each unit and podcast where relevant.
Insightful and relevant Q&A sessions designed to get you thinking differently in real-time.
Practical checklists you can refer to in your day-to-day workplace.
Resources that are relevant to the real-world and will have you thinking and acting differently.
Exclusive content designed especially for Kiikstart's online community.
Private course-specific community forums where participants can ask questions, share insights, challenges, wins and content directly with each other.
Idea sessions facilitated by Ali Uren that only our e-learning community can access.
Opportunity to schedule one on one check ins with Ali Uren throughout the learning.

Get Started

Designing an Innovation Activation Plan


(The Kiikstart Collective)

One Payment

$2,225 inc GST

Split Payment

2 x $1,245 inc GST
Total $2,490 inc GST

One-on-One Learning

(Remotely Delivered)

One Payment

$2,570 inc GST

Split Payment

2 x $1,395 inc GST
Total $2,790 inc GST

Team Learning

(Remotely Delivered)

Enquire for Pricing

Min. 4 employees required & max of 10.

Success Story: Kiikstart & Grant Thornton Australia

The Department of Premier and Cabinet connected with Kiikstart as key skill gaps with staff capability led to risk and vulnerability in terms of the department being able to deliver on its objectives.

The rate of change had accelerated within the team due to changing community expectations, but the current business model and team's skill-set was failing to keep up.

A planned approach using both the Innovation Capability Review and the Activation Plan provided the process and business models needed to upskill the ICT team.

Together we designed a clear plan of action to:

Allow the leadership team to identify the most important skill gaps and risks that would act as roadblocks to delivering on future success.

Consider potential scenarios and allow for different approaches to be considered.

Prioritise and focus around the key skill gaps and risk with a detailed plan of response in terms of learning and development processes and resources.

Create a clear, practical activation plan that took the risk and skill gaps and scoped it into a personalised nine part approach with innovation at its core.

By undertaking this project the Department was able to be focused on high value output as part of designing the learning and development processes and models moving into the future.

Focusing on only the top three risks from the Innovation Capability Review, and understanding how to prioritise the use of resources more strategically, the activation plan was simplified and practical. To deliver the best possible outcomes without long lead times.

What they said...

My colleagues and I met Ali at a 'skills for the future' event. What struck me immediately was her goodwill, approachable nature and strong sense of purpose and passion for her work and the industry. Lots of people talk about innovation, but Ali lives it. She has a global mindset and challenges the status quo.

Over the course of working with her, Ali asked us the pointy questions at the right times to help us evolve our thinking and create work that is both practical and action-oriented, and cutting edge and aspirational. I highly recommend her as a workforce strategist and learning and development coach.”