Responding to feedback to build better business and customer advocates

Customer service isn’t necessarily what it used to be. With the evolution of technology, it’s changed how we connect and provide service.

This series of blogs will educate businesses that in order to survive, there needs to a renewed focus. Adopting experiential development and successful delivery will ensure not only continued growth, but the evolution of the entire space in which you operate.

All businesses should continue to evolve, alongside new trends and developments. Dealing with customer feedback, not complaints, for example, should be part of your process.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What means do you use to receive feedback from customers?
  • How do you promote the fact you welcome feedback during and after customer interaction?
  • Provide an example when you needed to respond to a dissatisfied customer – how did you respond to minimise negative fallout and poor word of mouth? How do you use this feedback to evolve and build your product and service offering and promote the feel good factor that comes from making positive change?
  • What are your processes for responding to all feedback and is each staff member consistent in their approach, with a level of standards and processes set by you, the decision maker?

What satisfies one customer might not satisfy the next. It’s important to build systems and procedures for businesses to handle customer insights and feedback.

Take every feedback as a lesson, so you can continue to move forward and grow and no longer see it is a complaints but complimentary market research.

Now, it’s your turn to tell us. What kind of feedback are you responding to? How have you managed them? Did the customer walk away happy in the end?

We’d love to hear about your own experiences.

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