Fit for the Future.

Local & State Government Program

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Our Fit for the Future program is a strategic planning and professional development opportunity that embeds innovation and entrepreneurship across Government operations so the end to end client experience evolves and is improved, while staff engagement is increased.

Acquiring digital skills and building talent in this area across all levels of the organisation is crucial to the success of local and state government into the future.

Fit for the Future is a robust learning and development opportunity for local government and state government departments who want to design and deliver measurable best practice workforce development and need to leverage digital as part of their future service delivery.

This learning and development is delivered in-house in small teams, in a one-on-one coaching capacity, or as a public program. It enables staff at senior leadership level to design and deliver workplaces for their teams that are best placed for the future and, in turn, attract the best talent to the organisation.

Program Highlights

Kiikstart - Fit For The Future Program

Fit For The Future

Technology makes it easy and affordable to access Kiikstart, to best fit with your lifestyle and business commitments.

Open door policy
Have Kiikstart’s support outside of session times as a confidential, strategic and creative sounding board.

There’s no need to fly to a major capital city for a day or two to access this learning and development opportunity.

We work with you to identify skill gaps and co-create opportunities that are unique to you/ your business. We also assist you with the tactics to execute your ideas. Ongoing trial and experimentation is key to our partner’s success.

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Kiikstart - Fit For The Future Program

Extra Value & Attention

Working with Kiikstart is a two-way process that is personal and personalised.

From personal introductions to our networks, to a recommendation that will open up new opportunities, we’re committed to putting in work between sessions to deliver specific outcomes.

This also includes acting as a creative and robust strategic sounding board as new ideas are designed, scoped and executed into the real world as a result of our learning and development.

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My colleagues and I met Ali at a skills for the future event. What struck me immediately was her goodwill, approachable nature and strong sense of purpose and passion for her work and the industry. Lots of people talk about innovation, but Ali lives it. She has a global mindset and challenges the status quo. Over the course of working with her, Ali asked us the pointy questions at the right times to help us evolve our thinking and create work that is both practical and action oriented, and cutting edge and aspirational.

I highly recommend her as a workforce strategist and learning and development coach. Ali keeps the customer and people at the centre of her thinking at all times, and her authenticity and creativity truly elevated our work. One of the greatest gifts Ali gave us was to share her skills and work so openly, which meant we’ve walked away with many more tools in our kit and a greatly enhanced internal capability."