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Tailored Learning & Development for All Industries

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We work with organisations and people in times of change and uncertainty to create braver, bolder businesses and careers.

Kiikstart’s key purpose is designing and delivering made to order business development and coaching for individuals and organisations across all industries including the corporate, government, and tourism & hospitality sectors.

The Kiikstart experience comes in many shapes and forms, differing based on the personalised service needed for a business or individual to evolve in this everchanging world. We pride ourselves on always being able to deliver a high quality, measurable learning and development experience that is global and accessible.

Since 2008, Made to Order has been at the forefront of all that we do at Kiikstart and continues to sit in the centre of our service and product offering.

Made to Order is an approach that has delivered ongoing success with over 2000 people and 60 companies of all sizes and is designed for those who want a 100% bespoke approach.

Made to Order Benefits

Throughout the service, businesses and individuals will work in partnership with Kiikstart in the face of industry adversity, with our tailored and responsive approach to business development and coaching.

This unique process provides our clients with a personalised, co-created learning and development experience that has more relevance and purpose and in turn better, long term outcomes.

Consider it as a choose your own adventure.

Made to Order allows our clients to have a business development and coaching approach that is 100% relevant to their specific skill gaps and objectives.

We work in close proximity with our clients in order to build real, robust skillsets and talent, so that when faced with disruption in the industry, they are not left vulnerable. Instead, they can find growth from emerging challenge, due to in-depth, practical know how.

The Made to Order experience ensures clients maximise time and investment by focusing on the areas that will provide the greatest return and long-term benefit.

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Made to Order - A taster to get started

Key areas of focus that underpin our Made to Order service

  • Innovation Capability Reviews and Plans – opportunity through risk, threats and skill gaps
  • Analytical thinking and innovation approach and mindset across business and careers
  • Designing and Delivering A Workplace Learning Culture to remain relevant
  • Creativity, originality and initiative to build greater efficiency with more connected teams
  • Critical thinking for better outcomes when time is at a premium
  • Complex problem solving when faced with challenge and uncertainty
  • Reasoning, ideation and the successful execution of ideas
  • Systems and process analysis and evaluation
  • Operational and Business Resource design
  • Crafting Innovative Collaborations
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Other key areas our clients have found beneficial

Made to Order Service

Extra Value & Attention

Working with Kiikstart is a two-way process that is personal and personalised.

From personal introductions to our networks, to a recommendation that will open up new opportunities, we’re committed to putting in work between sessions to deliver specific outcomes.

This also includes acting as a creative and robust strategic sounding board as new ideas are designed, scoped and executed into the real world as a result of our learning and development.

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It has been inspirational working with Kiikstart as you get your mind working and thinking outside of the square on a daily basis.”