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Our Reimagine program is designed for teams and businesses across industries that are seeking support during a time of significant change, uncertainty, or growth for the business. The program takes an internal team focus.

This service is suited to businesses that recognise they need to evolve or redesign their operations, beginning with their staff.

Your organisation may be undergoing a period of intense change, either by design or as a result of external circumstances. This can include periods of significant growth that can challenge teams and bring unplanned risks and threats to the future success of the business.

Alternatively, your company could be facing mass redundancies or an acquisition, or be looking to transform your structure, cultural DNA, backend systems or brand.

Reimagine offers two program streams, depending on whether your business is currently planning for a period of transformation, or you have already announced major change.

Each learning and development experience is designed specifically to fit with your business’ circumstances and key objectives at any given time and will move and flex as required.

Stream One - Pre-Announcement & Early Stage Strategic & Guidance Support

Kiikstart’s strategic planning stream is essential for companies in the pre-announcement phase who want to do what’s best for their people and the overall organisation. This project is especially suited to businesses that are restructuring, resulting in job losses.

Project Highlights

Maximise employment outcomes for your team so that all levels of employees are able to create and compete for new opportunities in a changing market.

Evaluate the resources required to implement a positive redundancy process for your people and establish an innovative and forward-thinking approach to redundancy.
Identify the cultural and organisational risks and threats that have the power to undo the best of redundancy plans.
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Kiikstart - Reimagine Kiikstart - Reimagine Program

Stream Two - Post-Announcement Transformation Support for Staff at Senior Executive Level and Above

Project Highlights

Make sense of change and identify personal actions and behaviours that create opportunities to reset and build for the next chapter, as well as roadblocks to success.
Consider the role of competing workplace cultures in your business’ transformation and discover how to establish and foster cultures that create positive, forward-thinking teams, even in times of challenge and uncertainty.
Identify the cultural and organisational risks and threats that have the power to undo the best of redundancy plans.
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Kiikstart - Reimagine Kiikstart - Reimagine Program

Extra Value & Attention

Working with Kiikstart is a two-way process that is personal and personalised.

From personal introductions to our networks, to a recommendation that will open up new opportunities, we’re committed to putting in work between sessions to deliver specific outcomes.

This also includes acting as a creative and robust strategic sounding board as new ideas are designed, scoped and executed into the real world as a result of our learning and development.

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Ali Uren of Kiikstart provided our employees with creative, modern and proven approaches to generate new opportunities in an increasingly competitive and changing market. Since commencing the program, our employees are more confident and can tell their career story highlighting individual achievements and transferable skills. I would highly recommend the Kiikstart program to businesses and individuals who are going through transitions or wanting to take a new career path.”