The different ways you can innovate

Innovation is more than just an app. We know this from last time, exploring customer service and the new wave of how we collaborate and communicate.

It’s not what you do that’s valued by customers but how you do it. What we mean by this is it’s less about what you’re offering, but rather the delivery of your product or service.

Let’s start by defining what innovation is and the various elements that shape how a business delivers innovation – to both its stakeholders and customers.


Move over Zuckenberg & Branson…

First, let’s get something straight. Innovation doesn’t have to be some big, bold new invention.

Innovation can be about product and service (the what) but more importantly it is about the style and manner in which the consumer interacts with the product, team, brand and overall communications.

True innovation can be, and is, found in the how of what it means to be entrepreneurial.

Innovation looks different to every business. Here are a few examples:

  • Greater choice in how your product or service can be accessed. Think about where you do business – how accessible is it for stakeholders and the end user to actually do business with you. 
  • The style and manner in which you communicate with potential stakeholders – innovation can mean changing the environment in which you do business to create a different perception.
  • It can mean evolving the type of communications and messages you use to gain investment and buy in.
  • Providing customers with the option to hand make their own product or service – if possible.
  • Changes in product ingredients or equipment to keep ahead of the crowd.
  • Type of written and verbal communication used to make a connection with the consumer. Not simply relying on IT, social media and mass mailouts.
  • It may have to do with minimising waste – recycling product or re-using in a way that has not been done before in the market. 


Often businesses and especially start ups are focusing so much on the product/service and getting this to market, that they fail to give attention to the story and how they’re going to sell the product.

So, innovation could simply mean creativity in the process of service delivery. Next time, we’re talking about looking beyond your own industry for inspiration.  

Remember, customer service is so much more than service with a smile. It’s about the entire experience.

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