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Our Story

We’re change management specialists with a difference

Ali Uren - Kiikstart Director - Adelaide
About Kiikstart

Never one to follow the crowd or be afraid to think differently, our founder Ali Uren recognised that problem solving and business development was often a frustrating, expensive, and lonely experience for many businesses.

Driven by a desire to help businesses of all sizes make an impact on their terms, Ali established Kiikstart to provide content and support that redefines the traditional methods of enterprise change management.

Ali’s a thinker, a facilitator, a designer, and an activist. And, as a creative and strategic sounding board, she’s experienced at supporting businesses facing transition, growth, or acquisition – sometimes all three at once. 

Since 2008, Ali’s Kiikstart model has continually evolved alongside our clients. But one thing will never change: our commitment to supporting leaders and teams to create stronger businesses more easily, more cost-effectively, and more creatively.

The Kiikstart team works hard to continually develop and deliver more efficient ways of learning without compromising on quality or outcomes. We want your business to access entrepreneurial content in a way that’s engaging, practical, and sustainable.

With our support, you’ll learn how to think differently. This means you’ll never again lose a great idea or miss an opportunity.


To make something start to happen, happen more quickly, or improve."

Our Mission

Supporting unconventional enterprise change management, near and far

About Kiikstart

Learn Different. Do Different.

About Kiikstart

Forget everything you’ve heard about business development. Unlike most operators, we believe that training is just one small part of the whole learning process. 

Rather than one-size-fits-all staff training that changes nothing, we provide quality and proven content in one central platform where your ideas are created, nurtured, and managed – not just during your learning phase, but back in your workplace as you trial, implement, and review each change.

No more disconnected workplaces. No more wasted resources.

We’re not here for those looking for a quick fix. We work with individuals and teams around the globe who are committed to making change, even if that’s uncomfortable at times.

Because a true kiikstart isn’t about playing to your strengths. It’s about learning to think differently about the skill gaps, threats, and risks in your business or career.

The reality is, innovation only happens when your team members enjoy their learning and are fully supported to implement new thinking.

By empowering people and workforces with the resources and support to transfer knowledge throughout the whole team, we help to build stronger businesses with solid bottom lines.

Our Values

The ground rules that guide every Kiikstart decision

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