1 Day Ideation Workshop

A full day, innovation workshop that will change how participants view skill gaps and risk to identify new business opportunities.
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Kiikstart Ideation Workshop Bird

Future success is not built on “teaching” more of the same."


Kiikstart is a tactical partner in business learning and development for individuals and organisations in the corporate, government and tourism sectors. We see the challenges faced by modern business as infinite opportunities to learn, change, experiment and innovate.

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The Kiikstart experience offers individuals and businesses the in-depth knowledge and development needed to grow and remain relevant into the future. We do this by working closely with those in influencer or leadership roles, in order to grow the talent and skill base within an organisation in a smart, strategic and cost-effective way.

Together, we aim to build the talent, human traits and behaviours needed to underpin advancements in technology and digital change.

Our Process

Ali is a wealth of knowledge with strong skills around strategy, sales and retail in a modern market. She has a comprehensive understanding of the tourism and hospitality industries and could clearly identify and articulate the opportunities in our business."