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Future success is not built on “teaching” more of the same."


Kiikstart is a tactical partner in business learning and development for individuals and organisations in the corporate, government and tourism sectors. We see the challenges faced by modern business as infinite opportunities to learn, change, experiment and innovate.

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Our Programs Designed for Business

Opportunity where you least expect it

This program is for leaders, managers and business owners who are committed to redesigning their business through innovations and workplace practices.

This program teaches you to innovate and reduce vulnerabilities in your business by creating a different mindset. You will learn to find opportunities in team skill gaps and business risks and threats.

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Designing an innovation activation plan

This program is designed to follow on from our opportunity where you least expect it program.

If you are a manager, entrepreneur or business owner who wants to develop practical skills to address threats, skill gaps and risks through innovation, this course is for you.

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Crafting collaborations

This program looks at collaborations from idea right through to implementation and considers the new growth opportunities but also potential pitfalls.

It’s great to talk about how wonderful collaborations are for business but this learning and development will identify if the business is ready for collaborations, the common errors made when collaborating and the next steps in terms of practical strategies and planning.

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Designing an employer brand that has real value

For employers and HR professionals who want to attract the best talent and foster a positive culture.

A business is only as good as it's people. As the new generation of talent comes through, what employees' value in an employer is changing. Being able to adapt to the evolving values is essential if you want to continue to attract and retain the best people.

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Designing roles that deliver higher value

For employers and HR professionals who want to shake up their organisational structure and traditional job roles.

Change is inevitable in business. When it's time to review what you're doing in your business, it is essential also to examine how you do it. This requires a thorough and brave review of roles and job descriptions to ensure your business is relevant and competitive.

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Delivering value through smart operations

For employers and HR professionals who want to shake up their organisational structure and traditional job roles.

Change is inevitable in business. When it's time to review what you're doing in your business, it is essential also to examine how you do it. This requires a thorough and brave review of roles and job descriptions to ensure your business is relevant and competitive.

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Designing faster and better ways to learn

For Leaders and HR Managers who want to transform their teams through positive learning.

In this program, you will learn how to create a learning culture that leads to real growth and better outcomes without compromising long term impact.

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Our Programs Designed for Individuals

Building a career that has impact and value in a modern marketplace

For anyone who wants to build an authentic professional brand that has a positive impact in a competitive environment.

This program provides an opportunity for you to reset and gain clarity and insight to make smarter, better-informed decisions about your career.

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Crafting a competitive Resumé

For anyone who wants to be a competitive candidate and increase their chances of getting an interview for the role they really want.

Your resume is your key marketing tool when you put yourself forward for new roles. It’s not just a summary of your professional experience; it’s how you tell your story.

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What they said...

  • Ali Uren of Kiikstart provided our employees with creative, modern and proven approaches to generate new opportunities in an increasingly competitive and changing market. Since commencing the program, our employees are more confident and can tell their career story highlighting individual achievements and transferable skills. I would highly recommend the Kiikstart program to businesses and individuals who are going through transitions or wanting to take a new career path.”

  • I have worked with Ali (Kiikstart) for approximately two years, in transitioning Coca Cola Operational Employees out of Coca Cola to other opportunities, due to the closure of the Manufacturing Plant, Thebarton (SA). Ali’s passion and driving characteristics are infectious, plus the ability to build individual and corporate relationships quickly ensures success.

    On a personal level, I too have now engaged with KiikStart to provide me with this unique service to enable me to take the next step in my professional journey."

  • So much has changed and I’m not sure I can fully quantify it.

    I can tell my story better. I can see my value and that of the work. I can dream. I can question. I can see patterns. I can see myself and how I make decisions. Habits are broken (bad(ish) ones). Things are more deliberate. Things are uncomfortable so change is happening.

    Thank you, Ali. This has been transformational and important. There is no going back. As said by Oliver Wendell Holmes “One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”

  • Coaching with Kiikstart has been an incredible journey. I’ve been challenged to reflect on my talents, my organisation, how I present myself and how to build a personal brand. This is a new and innovative approach, no cookie cutting here. Management has moved on from its old way of thinking and Kiikstart’s approach is ahead of any organisation.”

  • Kiikstart helped me address my fears, concerns and perceived weaknesses. Being able to have honest and safe conversations about these issues allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my own leadership style and business acumen. I was given the tools and guidance to challenge my thinking, articulate my goals, and most importantly, focus my attention on my strengths.”

  • My colleagues and I met Ali at a 'skills for the future' event. What struck me immediately was her goodwill, approachable nature and strong sense of purpose and passion for her work and the industry. Lots of people talk about innovation, but Ali lives it. She has a global mindset and challenges the status quo.

    Over the course of working with her, Ali asked us the pointy questions at the right times to help us evolve our thinking and create work that is both practical and action-oriented, and cutting edge and aspirational. I highly recommend her as a workforce strategist and learning and development coach.”

  • Regional Tourism Ambassador, Ali Uren, is a valued contributor to the Tourism Hub providing engaging and informative advice and information to industry.

    Ali provides mentorship to successful applicants of the Emerging Tourism Professional Program. Through Ali's guidance candidates have developed career activation plans and have been successful in progressing their career and securing new roles. With her enthusiasm for developing people, it is always a pleasure working with Ali.

  • It has been inspirational working with Kiikstart as you get your mind working and thinking outside of the square on a daily basis.”

  • It was my pleasure to partner with Kiikstart during a significant project for Coca-Cola Amatil. Ali took the time to understand our needs and really tailor a program to maximise the benefits for our employees and create an experience that is totally unique, incredibly personalised and with a real focus on creativity and innovation.”