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Isn’t it time you took charge of your own career development and business outcomes?

The reality is, it’s easy to get stuck in a career that doesn’t let you realize your full potential or isn’t heading in the direction you want. 

Maybe you’re feeling this way?

Or perhaps some of your workforce do?

Either way, it’s a surefire way for a team or business to come undone in the face of challenges, threats, and risks.

That’s why we design corporate development resources that allow you to learn your own way – and on your terms.

Because we’re not about traditional training. We’re here to support proactive professionals looking for career growth and real transformation in their workplace.

If you’re ready to think differently, our pro membership will make it happen.


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We understand that no two learners are the same.

That’s why we offer flexible and unlimited access to all our pro membership content so you can shape your own learning outcomes.

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Our latest Original corporate development resources

You’ll never shift the status quo if your thinking doesn’t have the opportunity to evolve.

Our unconventional masterclasses will get you thinking differently so you can incorporate new ideas into your organization and advance your career.

Why do we call them unconventional?

Because they focus on our honest, very real-world experiences and lessons alongside clients out in the field.

A no BS guide to collaborating

Kiikstart has created this learning for Entrepreneurs and Leaders who are curious about how to maximise their collaboration success and de-risk the process. Designed for those right at the beginning of exploring collaborations or trialled it once and want to do it differently next time.
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A Plan to Minimise Collaborative Risk

This is for Entrepreneurs and Leaders at all stages of business who have an idea of how collaborations will help achieve their strategic plan and want to find solutions to skill gaps, threats and risks.
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Connecting with Collaborators Its Personal

This learning provides Entrepreneurs and Leaders with an end to end process to make connections with ideal collaborators that increases the chance of opening the right doors at the right time.
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Design Your Repsonse To Risk Don’t Just Manage It

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Factors that Negatively Impact Collaborations

Designed for brave Entrepreneurs and Leaders who want to uncover the skill gaps, threats and risks that will impact their ability to create and execute successful collaborations and knowing how to prioritise solutions differently.
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High Value Work and the Roadblocks to Delivering

Uncover and connect with what high value work is for your brand, and the skill gaps, threats and risks that will limit your ability to fully deliver on your high work promise. We will identify the changes in doing business, the impacts this will have in the next 12 months and how you will want to think differently about your team and resources.
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Maximise Your Opportunties Post Redundancy

Successfully facilitated with over 2000 people, you will uncover the practical actions you can take to design your next career/employment chapter post redundancy. Kiikstart shares the tips and tactics that will allow you to shape your own future and take action with increased confidence, clarity and less overwhelm.
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Need To Create A Different Business – Start Here

Designed for Entrepreneurs and Leaders, this masterclass will help you clearly define with what high value work is for your brand in the coming year. We will ask whether it still relevant and if not how do we begin to design something that actually matters. This learning will allow you to identify roadblocks from a holistic perspective and will give you the framework to find practical solutions.
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Own How You Position Yourself in the Market

Being part of this learning will allow you to start writing a strong and impactful career story that stands alone and does not compete. You may be about to change roles or industry or want to carve out a unique space in your existing space and want a different approach that you are in control of creating. And are proud to put into the market.
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We “Trained” Our Staff - Why Has Nothing Changed?

Being part of this learning will allow you to uncover why people often don’t change actions and behaviour after training and how to design an approach that allows you to maximise investment and give staff opportunities to excel . Consider this your own workplace checklist that you can use to design a robust learning culture into the business.
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Why People Don’t Listen to You and How to Get a Different Response

Create your own distinct style of communication and cut through the noise while respecting your time and those around you. You will be able to self assess why you haven’t been listened to in the past and the simple changes that make the most difference. We promise you will never look at a meeting with stakeholders in the same way again.
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    All the content, resources, and support you need to kiikstart your business journey to the next level


    How is Kiikstart different?

    Here at Kiikstart, we’ve never been the sort that follows the crowd.

    That’s why we’re redefining the way corporate development resources are created and delivered.

    Rather than the copy-cat training modules you see everywhere, we provide original and proven content in one central platform where your ideas can be created, nurtured, and managed.

    No more investing in training that doesn’t make a clear difference to you or your organization.

    No more missing out on opportunities.

    Since 2008, we’ve stood by our commitment to supporting leaders and teams to create valuable outcomes more easily, more cost-effectively, and more creatively.

    If you’re serious about accelerating your career, our kiikstart will help.


    Real results from happy clients

    Kiikstart has given me the opportunity to have time for reflection and to challenge my thinking, such as exploring what success looks like to me. I’ve learnt the importance of setting measures at the start of an intervention, learning, or change, and it was good to reinforce what the organisation is trying to achieve – right skill, right person, right time. I’ve made changes to prioritisation and time management, so we are using our strengths but learning from our weaknesses.
    Tracey Herriot

    Director Service Delivery, Silver Chain Group, Adelaide
    Kiikstart helped me address my fears, concerns and perceived weaknesses. Being able to have honest and safe conversations about these issues allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my own leadership style and business acumen. I was given the tools and guidance to challenge my thinking, articulate my goals, and most importantly, focus my attention on my strengths.
    Christian Van Niekerk

    Former Director, Grant Thornton Australia, Adelaide
    Through Ali's guidance, candidates of our Emerging Tourism Professional Program have developed career activation plans and have been successful in progressing their career and securing new roles. With her enthusiasm for developing people, it is always a pleasure working with Ali.
    Lauren Douglass

    Executive Officer, Australian Regional Tourism, Western Australia
    So much has changed and I’m not sure I can fully quantify it. I can tell my story better. I can see my value and that of the work. I can dream. I can question. I can see patterns. I can see myself and how I make decisions. Habits are broken (bad(ish) ones). Things are more deliberate. Things are uncomfortable so change is happening. Thank you, Ali. This has been transformational and important. There is no going back. As said by Oliver Wendell Holmes, “One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”
    Jackie Sincock

    Development Project Lead/Change Lead, Silver Chain Group, Adelaide

      You don’t need to have all the answers to succeed – just a curious mind and the resolution to think differently

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