Kiikstart and TEA Podcast – Crafting Collaborations: Less Talk More Action.

Crafting Collaborations

The ‘c’ word – collaboration. A word overused at conferences, meetings and in our day-to-day conversations with one another in business. 

Inspired to act and build collaborative skills within leaders, rather than just say “you should collaborate” Kiikstart explores the opportunities but also the risks and potential pitfalls of a poorly planned and executed collaboration. 

Kiikstart and TEA explore why collaboration is beneficial when it needs to be seriously considered within the business and the fundamental processes that need to be followed if you want to increase chances of success. 

Key takeaways:

  • Know your brand and who you will be the best fit for straight up and who you need to avoid in terms of collaborating. 
  • Do your homework as part of the essential planning phase. 
  • Know why you are approaching certain businesses to look at partnering with. 
  • Be able to answer if asked by potential businesses why they would want to partner with you. 
  • Do an honest self-assessment of your capabilities and the resources available to be able to plan, execute and manage a collaboration ongoing. 

Happy listening!