Kiikstart and TEA Podcast – Crafting Collaborations: Make Meetings Count.

Time is precious and you only have so much of it. 

This podcast unpacks the following:

  • How to decide when to attend a meeting to get the best outcome – not just for yourself but others in the room. 
  • Understanding the purpose/desired outcome of being part of it – what does a great meeting look like? 
  • Making the most from your any meeting you are part of. 

Key takeaways:

  • You cannot on sell time so know what your time is worth and be smart how you use it. 
  • Be conscious in terms of what meetings you attend – how does it fit with your plans?
  • Show respect for your time as well as other people in the room – make the interaction purposeful and stick to the timeframe. 
  • Planning is everything – go with clear intent and know who is in the room. 
  • Know what outcomes you want to achieve and make your actions post meeting clear and measurable. 

Happy listening!