Kiikstart and TEA Podcast – Forget Time Management strive for Time Respect

Man looking at his watch

Kiikstart and TEA explore how we can begin to be smarter and more strategic with the time available to us so we can more of the resources we have available to us. And to be able to make the right decisions that take us closer to key outcomes/goals. 

You cannot manage time as it will continue to move on without you, but you can achieve far better outcomes when you learn to respect it more. 

Kiikstart looks at how to start making some decisions around time, not only how you use it but how you allow other people to use it on your behalf. 

What standards and boundaries do you set in regard to how your time is used? Remember you cannot on sell time. 

Once again, the topic of what is high value output to your brand makes a re-appearance in this podcast as it is the foundation from which all good decisions are made from. Need a refresher you make want to make time to listen to podcast 1 and 2. 

Key takeaways:

  • Do an honest audit on how you use time against what you have identified as high value work for you and your creative brand. Where are the gaps?
  • Be honest about what you need to “let go” in your day to day to be able to have the creative space and time to achieve the goals you say you want. 
  • Don’t just stack and run – to be innovative requires you to make more space in your diary and ultimately your head.
  • Not every “opportunity” is going to be right for you and your business so get comfortable saying no. Not now perhaps not ever. 

Happy listening!