Kiikstart and TEA Podcast – If You Want To Be Truly Creative Stop Focusing On Your Strengths And Plan

Kiikstart and TEA explore the opportunities that are possible when you stop focusing on just your strengths and take a deep dive into responding to your skill gaps and threats. 

This podcast challenges the notion of what it means to plan as a creative and the importance of being disciplined if we want to be truly free to pursue our talents. 

It all begins with understanding what high value output is to your brand in 2021 and beyond. What you value, what your client values and what your partners value is ever evolving and needs to be checked regularly. 

Once you have been able to understand what high value work is to your artistic brand you are able to define the skill gaps and threats that will pose the greatest risk to your future success and satisfaction. 

Skill Gaps are the internal factors and relate to matters such as processes, communications and existing knowledge and skill. These can include an inability to tell your artistic story, an inability to sell or network with potential collaborators for example. 

Threats are the internal and external factors that can put your future plans in a vulnerable position. It can include major pandemics, changes in the market or people copying your artistic talent for example. 

Kiikstart then unpacked its Innovation Capability Review to show how we can change how we engage with skill gaps and threats and flip risk into innovation and opportunity. 

Key takeaways:

  • Reflect on what is now see as valuable to your artistic brand – be brave enough to challenge what is relevant and what is not. 
  • Make regular time to reflect on all parts of the business – innovation has to be part of your day-to-day reality. 
  • Be brave to look in the areas you want to ignore… Innovation is not achieved by focusing your strengths. 
  • Adopt a holistic approach to how you see innovation in your business – it is not just technology.
  • Trial and Experimentation is essential. You cannot reach your full artistic potential and be risk adverse. 

Happy listening!