Kiikstart and TEA (The Entrepreneurial Artist) Podcast – A Partnership Fulfilling A Gap

Kiikstart is excited to create a new partnership with TEA – The Entrepreneurial Artist Podcast.

Delivered once a fortnight over the coming months, this podcast will deliver ideas, insights, and practical tips to those in the creative industries that are curious about building their business. It may just be an idea, or the business may already be in the market.

The discussion will focus on the roadblocks but practical, forward-thinking action that creatives can take to get momentum if they are serious about making a career from their talent. 

This first podcast in the series explores why Kiikstart and TEA –  The Entrepreneurial Artist Podcast created the partnership and what we are wanting to achieve for the creative/art industries. 

It looks at the key motivators of working together and the gaps, challenges, and opportunities both businesses want to address through discussing the most relevant topics to creative industries in 2021 and beyond. 

Where were the opportunities that inspired both businesses to come together and create this partnership?

Useful takeaways for any business who is exploring the prospect of working in partnership. 

Happy listening!