For leaders who want to create high-value customer experiences driven by smart processes.

In this course, we will take a new approach to the adage "always put the customer first".

We will look at how you can adapt your back-end processes to deliver better outcomes for your customers. Like a tail wagging a dog, if your key business operations are inefficient and chaotic, it will limit how innovative your end-to-end customer experience can be.

This course is not journey mapping, nor is it customer experience design. It is about being brave and taking a deep dive behind what outsiders see and feel. We will consider what really matters to your clients, what role your brand plays in shaping the experience as well as the role of technology.

Together, we will review the end-to-end client experience to identify problems, gaps and risks. Using that information, we will identify opportunities for innovation within the process and create a back-end operations map and an Innovation Capability Review.

Is this Program right for my Business?

If you want to redesign your operations so that you can deliver a high-value customer experience that differentiates your brand, this course is for you.

If you want to:

Identify areas of waste and inefficiency within your customer experience.

Design and end-to-end customer experience that leads to high-value output.

Design a forward-thinking business that is highly responsive to disruption and change.

Create a customer experience that provides a competitive advantage

Program Structure

Create a back-end operations map and an Innovation Capability Review.

This is a four-week program, and we've built-in some flexibility to help you find a balance between work, life and study. You will be tackling a real-world problem in your business, and you will finish this course with a solution that you can implement in your organisation.

At the end of the course, you will have an Innovation Capability Review that once implemented into your business will redefine your end-to-end customer experience to promote new growth.

Session Focus


Your Learning Process

It starts with Strategy. Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. Getting another perspective from someone who is not in your shoes can help you to get out of the detail and look at the big picture.

Co-designing smart, creative strategy with our clients so there is buy in, commitment and understanding.

Identifying the skill and capability needed within people/businesses to successfully execute the strategy. And facilitating the learning and development with clients to respond to the skill gaps.

Co-designing the processes, systems and internal resources need to successfully execute the strategy.

Being alongside clients and acting as a strategic and creative sounding board as the ideas and plans are executed into the market.




Real-World Experimentation

Learning + Development


Resource Design

Kiikstart Cycle

Your eLearning Experience

In this increasingly virtual world, eLearning is here to stay. However, this is not your average eLearning experience. It will be engaging, collaborative, practical and bespoke. We will be working to solve a real problem in your business. Your time spent learning will not be time away from your business; it will be time invested in your business.

Your face to face Experience – in person or remotely

This will not be your normal in person learning experience whether it be face to face on site or using a platform of your choice working remotely. It will be engaging, collaborative, practical and bespoke. We will be working to solve a real problem in your business. Your time spent learning will not be time away from your business; it will be time invested in your business.

Success Story: Barossa Council - Visitor Information Centre

The Barossa Council identified the need to keep evolving its current approach to visitor servicing that was offered through the Barossa Visitor Information Centre (VIC).

With changes to technology platforms, differences in how people obtained information and new competitors in the market, council leaders recognised the need to re-design certain elements of the guest experience so that the VIC could continue to grow and best serve the community, its business partners and of course its guests.

Designing and executing a guest experience that increased foot traffic, while still being true to brand standards, was key.

Together we designed a new client service model that was:

In line with the new brand values.

Reflected brand personality and traits across environment, processes, product mix and team capability.

Supported and reinforced the modern definition of high-value work in visitor servicing.

Identified existing or potential skill gaps, risks and threats to future success and plan practical and cost-effective actions.

Delivered an end-to-end experience that increased visitation and visitor spend within the centre.

As a result, The Barossa Council delivered a visitor servicing model that delivered the following results with four months of the project completion:


By reviewing and re-designing the end-to-end guest experience, Barossa Council has delivered a best practice example in regional visitor servicing.

In turn, the new approach has attracted a new generation of guests, positively challenged the notion of what a VIC can offer and has the ongoing support of the local community.

What they said...

We wanted someone to help us push our thinking to the next level, ensure we build on our fantastic success and not stand still, and great industry knowledge and experience had to be a given. Ali has ticked the boxes and kept our process and big picture vision real.

The project was fun, focused and achieved quick outcomes. We love the updated vision and are re-energised to deliver exceptional experiences for our guests. Thanks Ali. "