For employers and HR professionals who want to shake up their organisational structure and traditional job roles.

Change is inevitable in business. When it's time to review what you're doing in your business, it is essential also to examine how you do it.

This requires a thorough and brave review of roles and job descriptions to ensure your business is relevant and competitive.

During this program, you will learn how to re-think and revitalise your organisational structure and the roles within it. You will learn to identify areas of waste and opportunities for higher-value work in a changing market.

You will also learn how to revitalise the dreaded performance review process that fosters innovation and leads to better engagement and performance.

Together, we will undertake a review of the current roles and job descriptions within your team to identify areas of waste and inefficiency and identify talent that can be leveraged. We will create modern and contemporary roles that attract the best talent and learn how to use role communication to improve performance, build a stronger brand and increase efficiency.

Is this Program right for my Business?

If you are responsible for leading and developing a team and want to create a modern, effective and high performing team, this course is for you.

If you want to:

Identify areas of waste and inefficiency with your structure.

Understand the common pitfalls in role design and job descriptions.

Create a Performance Review process that fosters ideas and innovation.

Design roles that lead to high-value output and sustained improved performance.

Design roles that respond to disruption and change within your business or industry.

Design roles that can attract the most talented staff available to your organisation

Program Structure

Create modern and contemporary roles that attract the best talent to your business.

This is a three-week program, and we've built-in some flexibility to help you find a balance between work, life and study. You will be tackling a real-world problem in your business, and you will finish this course with a solution that you can implement in your organisation.

At the end of the course, you will have a plan that will invigorate your team and your business.

Session Focus


Your Learning Process

It starts with Strategy. Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. Getting another perspective from someone who is not in your shoes can help you to get out of the detail and look at the big picture.

Co-designing smart, creative strategy with our clients so there is buy in, commitment and understanding.

Identifying the skill and capability needed within people/businesses to successfully execute the strategy. And facilitating the learning and development with clients to respond to the skill gaps.

Co-designing the processes, systems and internal resources need to successfully execute the strategy.

Being alongside clients and acting as a strategic and creative sounding board as the ideas and plans are executed into the market.




Real-World Experimentation

Learning + Development


Resource Design

Kiikstart Cycle

Your eLearning Experience

In this increasingly virtual world, eLearning is here to stay. However, this is not your average eLearning experience. It will be engaging, collaborative, practical and bespoke. We will be working to solve a real problem in your business. Your time spent learning will not be time away from your business; it will be time invested in your business.

Your face to face Experience – in person or remotely

This will not be your normal in person learning experience whether it be face to face on site or using a platform of your choice working remotely. It will be engaging, collaborative, practical and bespoke. We will be working to solve a real problem in your business. Your time spent learning will not be time away from your business; it will be time invested in your business.

Success Story: Innamincka Hotel

Innamincka Hotel, located in the remote South Australian Outback is a must stop watering hole for people on an adventure trip.

Innamincka Hotel identified that the business needed to review and re-design the roles across the team, starting with Management.

Management had identified parts of the team where not working as cohesively as needed to ensure a quality guest experience and the existing role descriptions were outdated and uninspiring.

The Tourism and Hospitality sector is experiencing change and disruption in terms of guest expectations and values. As a result the job roles need to be re-designed to be able to deliver what customers now expect.

Hotel Management, through the initial briefing with Kiisktart, recognised that team interaction such as performance management, had to evolve to create a greater sense of team buy-in and accountability.

Together we designed new processes and resources relating to job role design and team performance management that:

Provides job roles that are relevant to today’s market and can minimise waste and inefficiency.

Creates job roles that increase cohesiveness and improve performance across the entire team starting with leadership.

Took the challenges and opportunities facing the business into account to design job roles that are inspiring.

Reshaped the performance review process into a positive experience that leads to fresh ideas and innovation.

As a result, Innamincka Hotel has roles that are meaningful to its circumstances and the staff have had input, increasing their engagement and fulfilment.

By changing how the performance review is delivered, the team and management are free to discuss areas of concern, new ideas and innovative responses to life in the outback openly, consistently and without fear or judgement.

Staff are more strategic with how they prioritise time resulting in less waste and greater efficiency without compromising client experience.

Success Story: Tidal Solutions

What was the issue/problem to be solved?

Tidal Solutions had recognised a need to give all staff clear direction/guidelines in order to deliver improvement and perform to their full potential. Prior to working with Kiikstart, there was no clarity or context for staff around their roles and how it fits into the bigger picture.

It was simply a series of tasks on a page that no-one really connected in with. The lack of direction within the roles and the accompanying role descriptions also lead to a delay in new staff being able to be productive in their role as efficiently as possible.

What did we work on together?

We created a clear vision for the company to be able to move forward in generating positive change and growth. In all Tidal Solutions re-designed 27 roles across the business from Managing Director down.

Part of this process also required a new reporting structure off the back of the new roles. Compliance is no longer frowned upon as they know there is a purpose when the team comes together.

What was the benefit and outcome?

Clear insight and knowledge was invaluable from allowing staff to really hit the ground running from day one as they knew what they were responsible for and how it integrated to other roles within the business.

Every role was linked into one another and leaders knew what they could ask their staff to undertake and the expected style and manner of how the role was to be performed.

There was greater consistency in regards to customer service and what each Supervisor expected so the message was the same - less confusion for all staff.

Consistency in service delivery leads to growth and an even stronger brand and reputation in the market.

What they said...

I am writing to say a huge thank you to you and your team. Our company came to you looking for some guidance on leadership and difficult conversation training. What we received was so much more.

Your expertise, light-hearted and honesty opened our eyes to how business should always strive to be clear in the expectations of every aspect of operations. We covered many issues including senior management reset of goals, business communications and system improvements.

What you taught was to challenge ourselves and always be curious about the why and the purpose of it.

Our business is now in a far stronger position since working with Kiikstart and our staff have a clear direction of where the business is heading and the positive impact that each individual role has with our company.

Thank you for showing us a better way forward. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.