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Tired of investing in the same old training options that seem to change nothing?

Workplace training is often a huge drain on business resources.

But traditional training courses tend to focus on strengths, not solutions. So staff are less engaged with the learning, meaning the outcomes are poor or, even worse, nonexistent.

That’s why we take a completely different approach.

We know that innovation only happens when you direct your resources into the vulnerable areas of your business – the skills gaps, the threats, and the risks.

And when you allow your team to take charge of their own development, with the right balance of support and opportunity, they’ll develop greater meaning in their learning and choose how they want to express their purpose via work.

It’s no longer about just the individual.

By taking an ‘it’s bigger than me’ approach to shaping outcomes, our learning and development helps you create long-term and measurable impacts – not just for each learner but everyone around them too.


Unconventional content to get you thinking differently


Your choice of learning, customized for your team


Our specialist team are with you the whole way


Create, nurture, and trial every idea in your workplace

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Turn skill gaps, threats, and risks into new opportunities

Most of us are conditioned to focus on our strengths.

It might seem the natural thing to do, but in reality it leaves many businesses unable to prepare or respond successfully to different challenges and change. Ahead of time.

The result is a workplace that feels uncertain, stressed, and under constant pressure.

Instead, our Kiikstart methods encourage learners to close the gap between the old conventional ways of thinking and the new. To change how we see and think about skill gaps, threats and risks.

In fact, our unconventional, but proven learning and processes ensure you and your team develop sustainable knowledge, meaning you’ll never need to work on solving the same problem twice. We work together to get it right the first time.

That’s our Kiikstart promise.

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All the learning, resources, and support you need to succeed

Our learning pathways combine original content and one-to-one support from our strategic planning facilitators for the highest impact and most sustainable outcomes.

Personalized learning programs and exclusive downloadable resources

Regular 1:1 review and co-design sessions so you achieve the biggest impact

Supported learning for individuals and teams, no matter where you are

Create, nurture, and manage every new idea securely and easily in one platform

Unlimited access to exclusive content and resources for continued growth

Spaced out learning, so you’ve got time to think and apply ideas in real-time

End-to-end support to trial and integrate new ideas into your workplace

Learn how to take charge of and effectively manage skill gaps, threats, and risks

Achieve ‘return on education’ by letting each learner take control of their outcomes

Customize your strategic planning service with our dynamic learning topics

We understand that no two businesses are on the same journey. That’s why we tailor your development program around the learning pathway of your choice:

Opportunity where you least expect it

For leaders, managers, and business owners who are committed to redesigning their business through innovations and workplace practices

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Designing an innovation activation plan

For anyone who is responsible for planning the future direction of the business and wants innovation and creativity to play a more significant role in operations
Learn More

Crafting collaborations

For managers, marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to understand how to craft strategic collaborations to innovate, develop new products or grow new markets
Learn More

Designing an employer brand that has real value

For employers and HR professionals who want to attract the best talent and foster a positive culture
Learn More

Designing roles that deliver higher value

For employers and HR professionals who want to shake up their organizational structure and traditional job roles.
Learn More

Delivering value through smart operations

For leaders who want to create high-value customer experiences driven by smart processes

Learn More

Creating different ways to learn

For leaders and HR managers who want to transform their teams through positive learning

Learn More

Designing a career that means something to you

For people who want to make the best use of their talents and have the processes, support, and tools to get there

Learn More

Creating a different story

For people who want to create a different career by successfully positioning their talents and experiences through telling an impactful story

Learn More

Not sure which is the right fit for your business?

No problem. Get in touch so we can discuss the type of learning experience you’re looking for and the outcomes you want to achieve.

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Who should consider a kiikstart?

Our unconventional personalized learning is perfect for you if you:

  • Want to make sure your workforce is prepared for challenges, crises, and change
  • Find traditional training courses ineffective or too conservative 
  • Are an ambitious professional looking for new opportunities or career direction
  • Have a business that’s being held back by skill gaps, threats, or risks
  • Want an end-to-end learning solution that’s managed in a single easy-access platform
  • Are ready to engage with new learning and committed to making change, even if that’s uncomfortable at times
  • Want to think differently in order to make changes that have impact and be able to measure them.

Please note: Our Kiikstart methods are not aimed at anyone looking for traditional business coaching or mentoring, or organizations wanting a ‘tick and flick’ exercise to satisfy a staff training requirement.

We work with ‘thinkers’ and creative ‘doers’ and don’t have the capacity to support people who aren’t ready to stretch themselves or trial new ideas.


Success starts with team development that’s efficient, enjoyable, and easy to implement


Real results from happy clients

Kiikstart helped me address my fears, concerns and perceived weaknesses. Being able to have honest and safe conversations about these issues allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my own leadership style and business acumen. I was given the tools and guidance to challenge my thinking, articulate my thinking and most importantly identify my most valuable differences in how I delivery the client experience.
Christian Van Niekerk

Former Director, Grant Thornton Australia, Adelaide
It was my pleasure to partner with Kiikstart during a significant project for Coca-Cola Amatil. Ali took the time to understand our needs and really tailor a program to maximise the benefits for our employees and create an experience that is totally unique, incredibly personalised and with a real focus on creativity and innovation.
Simone Fletcher

Former Head of People & Culture, Coca-Cola Amatil, Sydney
I worked with Kiikstart for approximately two years, in transitioning Coca-Cola Operational Employees out of Coca-Cola to other opportunities, due to the closure of the Manufacturing Plant, Thebarton (South Australia). Ali’s passion and driving characteristics are infectious, plus the ability to build individual and corporate relationships quickly ensures success. On a personal level, I too have now engaged with Kiikstart to provide me with this unique service to enable me to take the next step in my professional journey.
Ashley Brown

Former National Supply Chain WHS Manager, Coca-Cola Amatil, Adelaide
Working with Ali gave me confidence to truly lead from the front and to positively influence a diverse team in a remote and demanding work environment. She also gave me confidence to trust myself to make difficult decisions and to carry through with the necessary actions related to those decisions.
Nichelle Hodgson

Manager Innamincka Hotel
To create a new career in a time of adversity can be challenging, understanding at an individual level what needs to change, leveraging from their strengths and what to stop doing. Ali provided our employees with creative, modern and proven approaches to generate new opportunities in an increasingly competitive and changing market. After each session our employees came out with detailed and achievable actions which were co-created with Ali, ensuring measurability and ongoing progress. It was essential for our employees to understand and be actively involved in self-determining their own direction rather than being a passive observer.
Alice Corbett

People and Culture Consultant, Coca-Cola Amatil, Adelaide
Coaching with Kiikstart has been an incredible journey. I’ve been challenged to reflect on my talents, my organisation, how I present myself and how to build a personal brand. This is a new and innovative approach, no cookie cutting here. Management has moved on from its old way of thinking and Kiikstart’s approach is ahead of any organisation.
Chelsea Bell

Former Marketing Manager, Destination Southern Tasmania, Hobart
Working with Kiikstart gave me the opportunity to have time for reflection and to challenge my thinking, such as exploring what success looks like to me. The program reinforced my learning from previous experiences around approach to prioritising challenges and addressing them early. I’ve also learnt the importance of setting measures at the start of an intervention, learning, or change. It was good to reinforce what the organisation is trying to achieve – right skill, right person, right time. Since working with Kiikstart, I’ve made changes to prioritisation and time management, so we are using our strengths but learning from our weaknesses. Ali, you have a supportive, encouraging, and approachable nature while pushing me to look inside!
Tracey Herriot

Director Service Delivery, Silver Chain Group, Adelaide
Working with Kiikstart taught me to be bold in business. From the start I was encouraged to dream big alongside a balance of looking introspectively at the health of my business. After working on the practical manufacturing procedures, we developed business and industry specific risk analysis which helped me to be able to speak confidently with potential business partners. From Ali’s passionate guidance and action plan, I’ve now signed contracts with the biggest independent supermarkets in Australia. The next stage is to take my Tea Blends to a global audience.
Jane Burke

Founder, Wildfire Organic Tea, South Australia
Ali opened my mind to appreciate work and life balance through a new lens. From the get-go I realised that culture wasn’t going to be changed with a template and that I would need to do the heavy lifting for our business to progress. The process was respectful and insightful and I’ll be forever grateful for Kiikstart learnings.
Jo Fort

Owner Operator Innamincka Hotel

    Our Kiikstart guarantee

    Let’s face it. When it comes to business development services and investing in up-skilling your workforce, staff are under pressure to learn more and do more in less time than ever before.

    But conventional training often falls short.

    People end up learning content that’s not relevant or covering obsolete topics.

    Without the right blend of learning, tools, and support to manage their ideas and take action in the workplace, your team is left with the same skill gaps and making the same mistakes.

    The good news is, it doesn’t have to be like this.

    Success starts when different ideas are created, nurtured, and managed in one platform.

    With our kiikstart, you can grow your people – and your business.

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    Don’t settle for traditional or meaningless

    Imagine the difference it would make to your business if learning and development created long-term impacts – not just for each team member but for your entire organization and the broader community?
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