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For employers and HR professionals who want to shake up their organisational structure and traditional job roles.


Create a Performance Review process that fosters ideas and innovation.


Design roles that lead to high-value output and sustained improved performance.


Design roles that respond to disruption and change within your business or industry.


Understand the common pitfalls in role design and job descriptions.

Change is inevitable in business. When it's time to review what you're doing in your business, it is essential also to examine how you do it.

This requires a thorough and brave review of roles and job descriptions to ensure your business is relevant and competitive.

During this program, you will learn how to re-think and revitalise your organisational structure and the roles within it. You will learn to identify areas of waste and opportunities for higher-value work in a changing market.

You will also learn how to revitalise the dreaded performance review process that fosters innovation and leads to better engagement and performance.

Together, we will undertake a review of the current roles and job descriptions within your team to identify areas of waste and inefficiency and identify talent that can be leveraged. We will create modern and contemporary roles that attract the best talent and learn how to use role communication to improve performance, build a stronger brand and increase efficiency.

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Course Structure

Create modern and contemporary roles that attract the best talent to your business and deliver high-value outcomes.

We've built in some flexibility to help you find a balance between work, life and study.

You will be tackling real-world problems in your business, and you will finish this course with solutions that you can implement in your organisation.

At the end of the course, you will have a plan that will invigorate yourself, your team and your business.

Learn Your Way... Two Ways to Access Kiikstart

Personalised + On Demand

Together we work on designing, planning and trialling different responses to change across your business or your career so you can confidently take control of whatever challenge or risk you are or may face in the future.

Each lesson is easy to follow and with lifetime access you can always come back when needing a refresher.

You’ll have access to Kiikstart directly so it will feel like your own personal learning with the supportive of a real sounding board backing you up as and when needed.

This includes Q and A in between lessons and personalised planning/design sessions, face to face (remotely) with Kiikstart every two to three weeks.

What benefits and support is included:

The flexibility to learn from home, work or on-the-go with our responsive platform.
Clear, well-structured videos for each unit and podcast where relevant.
Insightful and relevant Q&A sessions designed to get you thinking differently in real-time.
Practical checklists you can refer to in your day-to-day workplace.
Resources that are relevant to the real-world and will have you thinking and acting differently.
Exclusive content designed especially for Kiikstart's online community.
Private course-specific community forums where participants can ask questions, share insights, challenges, wins and content directly with each other.
Idea sessions facilitated by Ali Uren that only our e-learning community can access.
One hour personalised planning/review sessions once a fortnight with Kiikstart – delivered via zoom or Microsoft teams.
Open door policy where you can send Kiikstart questions through out the program in between your personalised planning sessions.

Kiikstart Guarantee

Since 2008 we have created valuable outcomes from our content and learning experiences with 1000’s of clients.

We have a completion rate of our programs in excess of 90%.

In excess of 85% of people achieve the difference in business or career they were seeking at the beginning of the learning.

Money and time invested in creating exponentially different businesses or careers need to be respected so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all programs offered via the Kiikstart Collective. No questions asked.

Most people don’t leave early, but if you choose to do so you can with no risk.

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Designing roles that deliver higher value


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Success Story: Kiikstart & Innamincka Hotel

Innamincka Hotel, located in the remote South Australian Outback is a must stop watering hole for people on an adventure trip.

Innamincka Hotel identified that the business needed to review and re-design the roles across the team, starting with Management.

Management had identified parts of the team where not working as cohesively as needed to ensure a quality guest experience and the existing role descriptions were outdated and uninspiring.

The Tourism and Hospitality sector is experiencing change and disruption in terms of guest expectations and values. As a result the job roles need to be re-designed to be able to deliver what customers now expect.

Hotel Management, through the initial briefing with Kiisktart, recognised that team interaction such as performance management, had to evolve to create a greater sense of team buy-in and accountability.

Together we designed new processes and resources relating to job role design and team performance management that:

Provides job roles that are relevant to today’s market and can minimise waste and inefficiency.

Creates job roles that increase cohesiveness and improve performance across the entire team starting with leadership.

Took the challenges and opportunities facing the business into account to design job roles that are inspiring.

Reshaped the performance review process into a positive experience that leads to fresh ideas and innovation.

As a result, Innamincka Hotel has roles that are meaningful to its circumstances and the staff have had input, increasing their engagement and fulfilment.

By changing how the performance review is delivered, the team and management are free to discuss areas of concern, new ideas and innovative responses to life in the outback openly, consistently and without fear or judgement.

Staff are more strategic with how they prioritise time resulting in less waste and greater efficiency without compromising client experience.

What they said...

Ali opened my mind to appreciate work and life balance through a new lens. From the get-go I realised that culture wasn’t going to be changed with a template and that I would need to do the heavy lifting for our business to progress. The process was respectful and insightful and I’ll be forever grateful for Kiikstart learnings.

Jo Fort
Owner Operator, Innamincka Hotel, Adelaide

Working with Ali gave me confidence to truly lead from the front and to positively influence a diverse team in a remote and demanding work environment. She also gave me confidence to trust myself to make difficult decisions and to carry through with the necessary actions related to those decisions.

Nichelle Hodgson
Manager, Innamincka Hotel, Adelaide