Virtual Scholar Experiences

Providing more choice, greater accessibility regardless of location.

Regardless of where you live you can now benefit from being part of the Kiikstart virtual scholar experience.

To be more accessible to people located interstate, overseas, in regional South Australia or even south of the Adelaide CBD, Kiikstart is introducing a virtual scholar experience.

Offered Monday to Friday, as well as after hours and even on weekends (note additional fees will apply for after hours and weekend services) the virtual scholar experience allows people to benefit from a personal approach to learning and development that fits within the competing demands and expectations of modern life.

Whether or not you are located in some distant location, or find it hard to access services like Kiikstart as you are working or studying full time, virtual scholar takes away the pain.

This experience allows even more accessibility and choice for people not able to meet in person but who want to find an alternative to mainstream services that have proven to be successful.

Please contact Kiikstart to discuss in more detail what is required to be part of the virtual scholar experience and how you can get the most from this service.



Build your own learning and development experience – Kiikstart’s services fit the customer, the customer doesn’t fit an inflexible model of learning. Kiikstart is based on key principles of not paying for learning that you will have no use for. Minimise wastage and cost, while having more choice on what learning, skills, knowledge and talents you want to develop.