The benefits of working with Kiikstart?

  • All learning is focused on being a do-fest rather than a talk fest.
  • Each session is well structured with clear focus so time is not wasted and progress is made much quicker and smarter.
  • All work with individuals is on a relaxed, one to one basis which allows for a more comfortable but also relevant experience.
  • Greater flexibility and adaptability to respond to different needs in terms of the learning and development, so it is more meaningful and relevant.
  • Linkages to relevant and local industry networks that can help with getting movement.
  • The focus is on acquiring real, substantial tactics to gain new opportunities in the market rather than regurgitated, outdated and generic information.
  • Increased ability to build new opportunities and have points of difference with decision makers.
  • Better ability to really compete in a tight market in a state with increasingly high unemployment rates.
  • Greater choice, influence and control over exactly where you wish to be in terms of future career and business decisions.
  • Less confusion and uncertainty about where you want to go and how you will actually get there. Makes for a much more enjoyable life.
  • Improved measurability in what is achieved at certain milestones throughout the experience.