Kiikstart and TEA Podcast – A chat with Ali Uren, Founder & Knowledge Entrepreneur at Kiikstart

Podcast Notes

Ali Uren is a regular guest on this podcast and is highly regarded in the field of business innovation and leadership, delivering Innovation and Leadership from gaps, threats and risks.

We’ve never been one for putting people in boxes – ourselves included.”

Kiikstart is based in Australia but with a global focus. We are unique in the fact that we find innovation and new business opportunities from skill gaps, threats and risks.

The experiences of 2020 have largely shown that while the speed of innovation has increased, the processes, business models and staff skillset have largely failed to keep pace. A challenging and overwhelming thought no doubt, but it is possible to plan a way forward and close the gap between here and now and where you need to be.

For over 12 years, Kiikstart has had the benefit of working successfully with over 2000 people to create new careers in times of challenge, plus multiple businesses who are brave enough to ask ‘what if…?’

We work with businesses and individuals that want to use their ambition and influence for positive impact and are looking for new tactics and skills to solve modern problems through innovation.”

Ali works with many different businesses and individuals to help them build the best business they possibly can while understanding what they want to achieve.

We are very fortunate to have Ali providing information and experience via podcast chats.

This link will take you to all the podcasts and worksheets that Ali from Kiikstart has generously donated to listeners of this podcast.  Thank you so much Ali

“Having known Ali for sometime well actually all my life and I am proud to be family, friend and collaborator on this podcast for our regular podcasts chats.  Ali’s brave approach to business, career and life has brought her to where she is now.  Her honesty of sharing its not always easy but the benefits can be great is an inspiration to me and I am sure others that are fortunate to know Ali and listen to our regular chats on my podcast”.

Tania Ingerson Podcaster/Founder TEA The Entrepreneurial Artist Podcast

I would like to acknowledge that music played on my Podcast is an original tune by 

David Innocente, Jazz Musician/Artist – “One Thing Led to Another”

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