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To make something start to happen, happen more quickly, or improve."

About Us

In an era of rapid change, financial uncertainty and wavering consumer confidence, business as usual is risky.

At Kiikstart, we see these challenges as infinite opportunities to learn, change, experiment and innovate.

Kiikstart is a boutique learning and development service for individuals and organisations in the corporate, government and tourism & hospitality sectors.

We develop businesses that are commercially viable, visionary and globally aware.

Led by founder and director Ali Uren, we work with the pacesetters, influencers and game changers of tomorrow to respond creatively and strategically to change and challenges.

We design not only the strategies needed to take your business or career to the next level, but also the tactics and measurable steps to implement change in real time. And we support our partners to effectively respond to digital disruption through future skill and talent building across all levels of business, not just within senior leadership.

Our contemporary and creative style of organisational and career development finds ways through the stress, worries and challenges of the modern world. In doing so, we create bolder, better business.

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Ali Uren - Kiikstart Director - Adelaide Ali Uren - Kiikstart Director - Adelaide

Our Values

Our Vision + Mission


We exist to do creative, brave work. We want to be the first choice for people and organisations who seek to become the pacesetters, industry influencers and game changers.


We create an imaginative space in which to trial and experiment ideas, with more bravery, less waste, and bolder outcomes.

Who We Work With

Our style of learning and development has its eye firmly on the future, while allowing clients an opportunity to stop, reset and explore new ideas during times of change and uncertainty.

We work with businesses, teams and individuals to find cost effective, creative and measurable solutions.

To fully benefit from our expertise, you will demonstrate a genuine commitment and ambition to become an industry pacesetter and influencer.

Engaging Kiikstart means you’ll be ready to put in the work to find solutions to big challenges in business, and in turn, achieve big outcomes. You will be willing to trial new ideas and opportunities to achieve these outcomes.

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Ali's enthusiasm, experience and knowledge make her the perfect person to prompt new ways of thinking."