Kiikstart and TEA Podcast – Communications: Back to the Future


“What’s Old is New again” using some of the old ways incorporating with new.  

It really is a case of back to the future. 

This is a creative market so get creative. Don’t get lazy relying purely on your website or social media platforms to give you the impact you are looking for. 

Remember – It is not just what you say but how you say it that influences the outcome. 

The message and the method working smartly together is key to achieving the desired outcome. 

So what are some of the key strategies you need to put into your marketing mix in order to make a valuable connection?

  • Personal letters of introduction that show real thought as to why you have reached out to that person/and business. 

Using someone’s name and or business name is what we refer to as personal. It has a 30% chance of being noticed so it’s worth doing. 

  • Hard copy material, postcards, tri fold brochures to accompany a personal letter of introduction. Leaving a piece of communications that is tactile and memorable will help stay top of mind. 
  • Video links in your marketing material as a way of introducing yourself and setting the scene as to not just what you do, but your unique style and manner of how you deliver the end product. 
  • Link to a podcast or an interview you may have done – something that shows you as a person, what inspires you, how you think, what you stand for. 
  • Face to face meetings.  

If you want people to work with you and help provide the outcomes you want then you have to communicate in a way that shows genuine commitment and buy in. Plus a genuine understanding of what they are wanting to achieve as a business and an individual. 

Quality connections that lead to new opportunities cannot be achieved by sitting in your studio all day and thinking social media alone will deliver the goods. 

Or sending off a generic email that has had zero or minimal energy and creativity put into it. People on the receiving end know if you have really expanded energy in making that first connection. 

That first impression is everything – its really hard to come back the next week and say hey I am sorry for that poorly written, lack lustre email I sent – can I have another go?

We get so many messages a day we need to be doing something different, something creative and thoughtful. 

Happy listening and here’s to doing the things other people don’t do to get better outcomes.