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For anyone who wants to be a competitive candidate and increase their chances of getting an interview for the role they really want.


Increase your chances of getting to interview.


Achieve better outcomes with less frustration and increased confidence.


Feel more informed about the next steps in your career.


Gain greater focus and be able to identify the right opportunities for you.

Your resume is your key marketing tool when you put yourself forward for new roles. It’s not just a summary of your professional experience; it’s how you tell your story.

Best practice in resume writing has changed over time, and it continues to do so. Today, how people like to engage with one another and what has an impact is different. In this course you will learn the latest skills and techniques in resume creation and what makes an impact today.

We will unpack a contemporary and creative framework to create a new set of tools you can use to market yourself. By undertaking this process, you will gain greater focus and increased confidence, preparing you to land your dream role.

You will walk away from this program with a new resumé, greater focus and increased confidence to explore and secure new career opportunities.

It’s not you. It’s how you tell your story.


Course Structure

Construct a creative but personalised Resumé and market yourself with confidence and credibility.

Once completed, you will have developed impactful communications that will give you the edge in a competitive market. And lead to new opportunities you have not yet identified.

Learn Your Way... Three Ways to Access Kiikstart

eLearning via Kiikstart Collective

In this increasingly virtual world, eLearning is here to stay. However, this is not your average eLearning experience. It will be engaging, collaborative and outcome driven.

We will be working to solve a real problem in your business or your career depending on your learning focus.

Each lesson is easy to follow and with lifetime access you can always come back when needing a refresher.

You will also have access to Kiikstart directly so it will feel like your own personal learning with the supportive of a real sounding board backing you up as and when needed.

What benefits and support is included:

The flexibility to learn from home, work or on-the-go with our responsive platform.
Clear, well-structured videos for each unit and podcast where relevant.
Insightful and relevant Q&A sessions designed to get you thinking differently in real-time.
Practical checklists you can refer to in your day-to-day workplace.
Resources that are relevant to the real-world and will have you thinking and acting differently.
Exclusive content designed especially for Kiikstart's online community.
Private course-specific community forums where participants can ask questions, share insights, challenges, wins and content directly with each other.
Idea sessions facilitated by Ali Uren that only our e-learning community can access.
Opportunity to schedule one on one check ins with Ali Uren throughout the learning.

Get Started

Crafting a competitive Resumé


(The Kiikstart Collective)

One Payment

$990 inc GST

Split Payment

2 x $545 inc GST
Total $1,090 inc GST

One-on-One Learning

(Remotely Delivered)

One Payment

$1,350 inc GST

Split Payment

2 x $745 inc GST
Total $1,490 inc GST

Success Story: Kiikstart & Jackie Sincock – From Employee to Co-Founder

Jackie chose to work with Kiikstart because she wanted to explore other more creative, entrepreneurial career options, potentially under her own brand as a contractor.

Through a process of guided self-reflection, we identified that Jackie’s resumé was not a true reflection of her talent, passion and future goals.

It’s current style and manner was easily lost in a sea of beige resumés. For Jackie to explore and compete for new opportunities it was essential to design a creative and compelling bio - one that was not a typical resume but an actual story. A story that underpinned a career brand that could translate across relevant social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram.

Jackie and Kiikstart crafted a strong piece of personal marketing - not just a generic resumé.

Together we designed a personalised bio that:

Clearly and creatively communicated not just what Jackie does, but the distinctive style in how Jackie delivered benefit to team, business and clients.

Supported the career brand Jackie created with alongside Kiikstart.

Created a story and identity that had focus and was targeted to the right roles and businesses - including organisational fit.

As a result, Jackie had far greater insight into the value of industry experience and where it was going to be of most benefit in the next stages.

Working with Kiikstart allowed Jackie to take the learnings and lessons from the written bio and convey it with increased confidence before and during interviews.

During her time working with Kiikstart, Jackie was able to identify new opportunities working as a contractor under her own brand. She is now successfully working on a variety of projects with leading government and community organisations.

What they said...

So much has changed and I’m not sure I can fully quantify it.

I can tell my story better. I can see my value and that of the work. I can dream. I can question. I can see patterns. I can see myself and how I make decisions. Habits are broken (bad(ish) ones). Things are more deliberate. Things are uncomfortable so change is happening.

Thank you, Ali. This has been transformational and important. There is no going back. As said by Oliver Wendell Holmes “One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”