Made To Order.

Tailored Learning & Development Program for All Industries

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In the event that you have a challenge or opportunity that cannot be fulfilled by our other service and product offerings, Kiikstart can work with you to design a specific learning and development experience to suit your needs. Individual and team options are available, as well as a longer term project option for the whole of your organisation.

Program Highlights

These are some of the key areas of expertise that people like to access through our Made to Order program offering:

The frequency of sessions will be determined together as part of our project briefing/design process.

To ensure your team or business benefit from the program, there will be actions to execute after each on-site session. These will require you to allocate time, resources and thinking space to achieve measurable outcomes for your effort. These actions are based specifically on your business’ objectives, team talent and internal resources and will be defined in consultation with you to ensure maximum benefit.

Kiikstart - Pacesetter Program

Extra Value & Attention

Working with Kiikstart is a two-way process that is personal and personalised.

From personal introductions to our networks, to a recommendation that will open up new opportunities, we’re committed to putting in work between sessions to deliver specific outcomes.

This also includes acting as a creative and robust strategic sounding board as new ideas are designed, scoped and executed into the real world as a result of our learning and development.

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It has been inspirational working with Kiikstart as you get your mind working and thinking outside of the square on a daily basis.”