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For employers and HR professionals who want to attract the best talent and foster a positive culture.


Prepare yourself to be an employer of choice for the modern workforce.


Have the insight, tactics and skills to redefine existing culture and standards successfully.


Create a reputation for employee well-being and satisfaction.


Make better recruitment decisions.

A business is only as good as it's people. As the new generation of talent comes through, what employees' value in an employer is changing.

Being able to adapt to the evolving values is essential if you want to continue to attract and retain the best people.

Throughout this course, you will identify the risks and gaps in your employer brand that may be preventing you from attracting and retaining the best talent available. You will gain insights into all relevant areas of your operations so you can plan ahead before damage to your employer brand becomes a reality.

This course will define what your potential employees' value in an employer today and provide new perspectives on staff retention. We will examine what constitutes a positive workplace culture and which benefits are highly valued.

Together, we will develop an Innovation Capability Review which you can implement into your business with immediate rewards.

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Course Structure

Define what your potential employees' value in an employer today and provide new perspectives on staff retention.

This course will allow you to design an Employer brand that can attract the best talent to your business.

You will be working on a real-world problem in your business, and you will finish with a solution that is easily and cost-effectively implemented.

At the end of the course, you will have an actionable plan to create a modern and engaging employer brand.

Learn Your Way... Two Ways to Access Kiikstart

Personalised + On Demand

Together we work on designing, planning and trialling different responses to change across your business or your career so you can confidently take control of whatever challenge or risk you are or may face in the future.

Each lesson is easy to follow and with lifetime access you can always come back when needing a refresher.

You’ll have access to Kiikstart directly so it will feel like your own personal learning with the supportive of a real sounding board backing you up as and when needed.

This includes Q and A in between lessons and personalised planning/design sessions, face to face (remotely) with Kiikstart every two to three weeks.

What benefits and support is included:

The flexibility to learn from home, work or on-the-go with our responsive platform.
Clear, well-structured videos for each unit and podcast where relevant.
Insightful and relevant Q&A sessions designed to get you thinking differently in real-time.
Practical checklists you can refer to in your day-to-day workplace.
Resources that are relevant to the real-world and will have you thinking and acting differently.
Exclusive content designed especially for Kiikstart's online community.
Private course-specific community forums where participants can ask questions, share insights, challenges, wins and content directly with each other.
Idea sessions facilitated by Ali Uren that only our e-learning community can access.
One hour personalised planning/review sessions once a fortnight with Kiikstart – delivered via zoom or Microsoft teams.
Open door policy where you can send Kiikstart questions through out the program in between your personalised planning sessions.

Kiikstart Guarantee

Since 2008 we have created valuable outcomes from our content and learning experiences with 1000’s of clients.

We have a completion rate of our programs in excess of 90%.

In excess of 85% of people achieve the difference in business or career they were seeking at the beginning of the learning.

Money and time invested in creating exponentially different businesses or careers need to be respected so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all programs offered via the Kiikstart Collective. No questions asked.

Most people don’t leave early, but if you choose to do so you can with no risk.

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Success Story: Kiikstart & The Birdsville Hotel

The Birdsville Hotel is regarded as an Australian Outback hospitality legend. Highly isolated, the hotel has set benchmarks for innovation and outback experiences for many years.

The Birdsville Hotel has a diverse customer base from 4WDadventurers, grey nomads, young families to people with private planes ticking off a bucket list experience.

Never one to rest on their laurels and accolades, the General Manager of the Birdsville Hotel, Jo Fort, reached out to Kiikstart to help take their back-end operations and customer experiences to the next level.

A key objective was creating an employer brand that could attract the best talent to this challenging and isolating environment to provide consistently high guest experiences both in the hotel and at major outback events throughout the year.

This required a review and re-design of how staff were recruited and new processes and systems to build talent and capability within the team throughout their employment.

Together we designed a new approach to recruitment processes and ongoing staff development that:

Supported and built upon the new outback hospitality strategy co-designed with Kiikstart.

Delivered a strong, consistent employer brand that reflected the businesses’s definition of high value work in a changing outback hospitality and tourism landscape.

Resulted in smarter recruitment processes that attracted a high calibre of staff.

Was responsive to the existing skill gaps within the team as well as the risks and threats that are present within outback hospitality environments, especially major events.

As a result, Birdsville Hotel created a modern, professional brand that was able to attract a diverse and skilled workforce to one of Australia’s most isolated, but iconic, regions.

In turn, the Birdsville Hotel, recorded its best event season that year with healthy and happy staff that were able to deliver in an extremely high-pressure environment. The region hosts iconic events such as the Birdsville Races and the Big Red Bash attracting thousands of people to an outback town that normally has a population of just 140 people.

What they said...

Regional Tourism Ambassador, Ali Uren, is a valued contributor to the Tourism Hub providing engaging and informative advice and information to industry.

Ali provides mentorship to successful applicants of the Emerging Tourism Professional Program. Through Ali's guidance candidates have developed career activation plans and have been successful in progressing their career and securing new roles. With her enthusiasm for developing people, it is always a pleasure working with Ali.