Virtual Scholar

Virtual Scholar

Kiikstart is excited to announce that people regardless of where they live and how they live can now access this creative and entrepreneurial learning experience via virtual scholar.

Ali Uren, Founder and Director of Kiikstart has introduced Virtual Scholar so people can benefit from using Skype how and when they want.

Recognising the need and opportunity to provide more choice to people, this real time, virtual experience is designed for the following people:

  • Those in remote locations that cannot meet physically with Kiikstart. This includes people in regional SA, interstate and overseas.
  • People who are working full time or unusual hours and cannot access professional services during normal business hours.
  • Students who have limited time but are still wanting to make changes to how they live and work.

Still working face to face with the benefit of Skype, people in more remote locations can gain the skills, talents, networks and knowledge needed to re-set and build new opportunities in a competitive market.

Virtual Scholar will use a variety of communications to ensure this experience is personal and provides maximum value for money.

Skype and the ability to still work face to face will prove invaluable to both Kiikstart and the customer in creating individual, handmade learning and development.