What’s your story?

What's your story - Blow Your Horn - Kiikstart

To discover the opportunities that matter the most to you, clarity is key. With self-exploration, you can build your story. This is particularly useful when finding a job or building your business.

But why does the story matter?

Through your story, you can show how to add value to their business. Employers and clients vet people based on the benefits that are communicated. A lot of the time, the story is missing. It’s an engaging way of illustrating ‘what’s in it for me.’

The 20-second rule 

You have 20 seconds to get their attention. It’s not long, but this is where your story comes in… and will set you apart. If you can, try to match parts of your story to address the gaps they’re looking for.

Paint the picture for the employer or client, so they don’t draw their own conclusions and misinterpret you. Many people get it wrong by focusing on experience, when it’s you as a person that will influence their decision. It’s the manner and style in which you undertake your role that matters and sets you apart.

Take a deeper look inside. What can you bring to them? 

For example, write an overview of the personal traits and characteristics you’ve developed. Highlight unique characteristics you’ve gained from life experiences, not just your career. What have the most difficult times given you in terms of personal development?

Avoid including career objectives unless you have a really strong desire and interest in it. Don’t write it just for the sake of filling the page. It can’t be vague and must stand for something.

Think about what type of person you would need to be to do the job or task well. What skills, attitudes and talents do you need? It’s essential to show an understanding of what’s required to do the job well.

Throwing out words like trustworthy, autonomous and fast learner simply won’t cut it anymore. Spend the time to craft your personal story and show them who you really are.

Build a quality & connected experience for businesses 

The same idea can be applied for businesses. You can follow this approach, regardless of your industry or purpose. A smarter, more entrepreneurial approach to the delivery of services will do two things, above all:

  • Diversify your markets and income streams that have the ability to evolve with changing visitor trends
  • Create a stronger, more fluid brand.

We need to be relevant and surprise them from the first point of contact. The first exposure or point of contact will shape perceptions and ultimately behaviours of potential guests. Ask insightful questions and show your customers that you care about them. Plus, it can lead to the creation of new product and service offerings, if you take the time to really listen and look for emerging trends.

Make sure your brand philosophy is clear at every interaction. Start with these activities:

  • Describe your brand personality and the characteristics associated with it –

What are the most favourable traits and characteristics? How do you express these within customer interaction?

  • What is truly different about how you deliver the customer experience?
  • What do you do different to make your customers happy, pre, during and post purchase?

Need help putting your skills and experience into evocative words? We can help craft your unique story, so that you can use in your professional and personal life.

At Kiikstart, we’re dedicated to helping people have more choice, influence and control about how they live, work and learn. If you’d like to hear more about what we do, contact us today on 0428 593 400 or enquiries@kiikstart.com.