Braver. Bolder. Business.

At Kiikstart we believe that in business what works today won't necessarily work for tomorrow.

To help illustrate this, we sought inspiration from creatures in the natural environment who, much like the businesses we work with, have to evolve to thrive.

Key Drivers

The Ultimate Pacesetter the Cane Toad

Ultimate Pacesetter
the Cane Toad

To survive and thrive in Australia, the much-maligned cane toad had to evolve, and evolve fast! Imported from the lush Amazon, these slimy critters realised their old meandering ways weren’t going to cut it in this new environment, so they became faster, fitter and stronger, spreading swiftly across the country. Rewarded for their bravery and adaptability, cane toad numbers have exploded from 100 to 200 million in just 70 years; a dramatic and surprising acceleration of the evolution process.

When it comes to quickly adapting your business to fast-changing conditions, we are expert at identifying new opportunities, helping you become the pacesetters in your field.

Braver. Bolder. Business.

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the Mexican Cave Fish

The Mexican Blind Cavefish knows how to get creative when dealing with tricky problems. Living in the dark with little food and oxygen, it had to think outside the box to stay in the game. Turns out getting rid of its eyes was the answer. By boosting its energy and increasing its taste cells, the fish thrived. After all, what use are eyes when living in the dark?

We look at the big picture, identifying what’s vital to survive and grow, then stripping away the waste and inefficiencies.

More Bravery + Less Waste = Greater Outcomes.

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Resourceful the Mexican Cave Fish
Innovation the Galapagos Finch

the Galapagos Finch

When a flock of big, nut-eating finches drove a flock of small, nut-eating finches from their main source of food, the smaller ones had to think fast. With plenty of tinier nuts, seeds, nectar and grubs to feed on, they dropped a beak size or two, creating a new place for themselves in the island’s food chain. And adding some tasty new dishes to their menu.

We give people the skills and insights they need to generate new opportunities, even in times of change or uncertainty.

Problem + Innovation = New Opportunity.

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Ali is a wealth of knowledge with strong skills around strategy, sales and retail in a modern market. She has a comprehensive understanding of the tourism and hospitality industries and could clearly identify and articulate the opportunities in our business."