Learn Different. Do Different.

At Kiikstart we believe that what is successful today will have a tipping point.

To help illustrate this, we sought inspiration from creatures in the natural environment who, much like Kiikstart clients invested in doing different.

Key Drivers

Innovation the Galapagos Finch

the Galapagos Finch

It becomes easy for smaller businesses to slip into the mindset of feeling overwhelmed and obsolete next to competitors “higher up in the food chain”.

When a large flock of Galapagos finches drive away the much smaller finches from the main food source, it’s then up to the smaller finches to get creative and be resourceful to survive.

Instead of giving into their environment and competing forces, the finches instead create their own place in the food chain by dropping a few beak sizes and adapting to a smaller source of food that allows them to thrive. They chose to do different.

Here at Kiikstart, we give our clients the skills, tools and resources needed to create their own distinct food chain.

Learn Different. Do Different.

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the Mexican Cave Fish

What elements could be stripped away from your business or career to create a different type of future?

According to the Mexican Cave Fish, the answer was to strip away its sight.

The Mexican Cavefish got creative when faced with tricky problems, such as living in complete darkness with little food and oxygen. To have a successful future, it had to think outside the box.

By getting rid of its eyes, the Cavefish was able to increase its taste cells, boost its energy and ultimately thrive. After all, what use are eyes when living in darkness?

Learn Different. Do Different.

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The Ultimate Pacesetter the Cane Toad

Ultimate Pacesetter
the Cane Toad

Whilst not the most glamourous of critters, the success of the cane toad species is testament to how businesses can thrive under new industry conditions.

Fighting against the odds, the cane toad was imported from the Amazon and forced to face unfamiliar conditions in Australia. To have a future in a new land, the Cane Toad had to become something different then what it was when it first arrived.

Here at Kiikstart we create unconventional, credible content and an end to end learning experience for people who want a different way to solve problems.

One that is not frustrating, lonely and expensive.

Learn Different. Do Different.

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